“For I am about to do something new…”

“For I am about to do something new. See… I have already begun…”

-Isaiah 43:19

Every day I get a daily Bible verse sent to me through K-Love. Sometimes I read them… some days I don’t. Life is crazy and sometimes I forget that God has called me to love Him and grow my relationship with Him first. The google defines first as: “coming before all others in time or order,”  yet I so often fail to put God first.

This past summer God closed a door in our business that I was not prepared for. I remember when He did, I didn’t freak out- well I cried a little- over the loss, but I just knew in my heart that there was a reason He closed that particular door. I also knew that if He closed this door, He must have something amazing in store for me. After I had almost died, I struggled heavily with this idea that He has to have something greater in store. Now, I yet to find out what amazing thing He has in store- and we are almost at the 3 year anniversary of that dreadful night! I so desperately want to know what He has in store, and this is where that verse above comes in.

This past week I have thankfully be able to be at my desk working! I know that seems like an insignificant matter to get excited over but just sitting at my desk is an accomplishment right now. This HKAFO is quite a lot to get used to (fyi I am recovering from a hip sublux (basically a minor dislocation) and hopefully I will have some pictures up soon to show you the bolted glory itself. Anyways, I got in contact with a company I have been looking to partner with for a long time, and there have been lots of reasons why things haven’t worked out. So like many I just gave up trying and decided to wait on it. On Thursday, I ended up getting an email from one of their team members, and this conversation opened a door to a potential partnership. I didn’t have to beg or push- it just happened. Within 24 hours I was on the phone with their partnership director! Now we have to wait and see, but this might open a whole new door for our business which would be fantastic because we are still very small. BUT here is the best part…

Later on Thursday evening, I was going through a monstrous pile of emails and I see one from K-Love and open it up and there it says, “For I am about to do something new. See… I have already begun.” I almost dropped my phone I was so stunned. I do not believe that anything happens by accident, and I believe everything has a purpose. This partnership might not be the answer or it may only be a small part of the answer. It still does not answer what He has in store for me, but it is a stepping stone. God has given us each specific gifts to aid us in what He has called us to do. I don’t know a lot but here is what I do know:

  1. I am called to seek, love, and worship Jesus.
  2. I am called to love Jared with an endless love that has all the qualities displayed in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and marry him.
  3. I am called to run OST and save other dancers careers even though I couldn’t save mine.
  4. I am called to share my story and encourage others through these illnesses.

I do not know yet what God is going to do with a braced up, held-together-by-KT-tape girl like me, but who knows because He has already begun.

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