Enjoy the Little Things… Often.

When you have a chronic illness, a lot changes. Simple things become harder, life becomes drastically different, and most of us don’t know when things are going to change. For instance, I could be perfectly fine (well as fine as my body can be) and decide to be lazy and just shower tomorrow, but when tomorrow comes I could have a dislocation or be back in the hospital. I never know what the future holds. There are many things most of us took for granted before and continue to take for granted unless our bodies aren’t cooperating.

If I am being honest- I am a high maintenance kinda girl, but I do enjoy simple things. Like face masking for instance. I LOVE face masking. I normally do 2 different face masks a week and alternate between exfoliating, moisturizing, pore minimizing, blackhead pulling, clay, sheet, oil reduction- you get my point I love any and all face masks.


We took this photo on his 15th birthday eve last Friday!

My brother has inherited my love for face masks and we do them together, but up until a couple weeks ago I hadn’t masked in about 3 months. My skin hated it and rebelled but I was too sick or too medicated to do any of that. I was barely able to shower.

Now even though I am in a huge brace and am having serious problems with the RSD/CRPS, I am able to shower on my own because I am not highly medicated. I am SO thankful to be able to do that, and cherish that even though it is a little thing.


Yet I am not in the clear, whenever someone asks me if I need to shower (my shower is downstairs in my house, whereas my office and room are upstairs) I jump on the opportunity because I don’t know what tomorrow holds. I face mask whenever I can because I don’t know what the next day will be like. I simply enjoy being on my laptop blogging or creating HEP’s (Home Exercise Programs) for clients of OST’s. I enjoy all the little things because I can’t see into the future. Some days, you know on the really bad days, I enjoy just seeing the sun come up or being able to take a sip of water on my own.

As a spoonie, I encourage everyone to love the little things and always remember you have a spoon in your back pocket (for those who don’t understand what I am talking about check it out here.) If someone gives you an opportunity and you aren’t in a really bad place- take it! You deserve to enjoy the little things often.


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