When the Nerves Kick In

Going into a procedure, big appointment, or really any anxiety inducing activity means that your nerves are going to kick in. Tonight my nerves are kicking hard. Tomorrow I am going into the OR for some injections. The last time I was sedated things did not go well, and even though every team has been notified of my case (and there is a fantastic plan in place), I am still nervous.

Some of the things that help me calm down and relax me are: music, focused breathing exercises, my dog, and card games. Now if you know me you know that I love pop music- especially boy bands. I know I am past my teenage years but I still appreciate them. If you want to see my playlist that keeps me distracted click here. How do you stay distracted? Let me know in the comments below!

p.s. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers

xoxo Cassie Mayo (soon to be Nolin!)-2


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