Picture Pore-fect!

As my wedding date gets closer all of the traditional festivities are happening… bridal showers, bachelorette parties, engagement gatherings, etc. and I need my pores to not show themselves. To help me with that Beauty 360 has an awesome 3-Step Extreme Pore Refining Gel, Face Mask & Cream that I got to try out and I have so much to say.

First I started with a face wash, Clear Pore Cleanser & Mask by Neutrogena, (that did not come with the kit) which is one of my weekly face washes that I use religiously. I decided to wash my face first because even though I didn’t wear any makeup today, my face felt oily and gross, do you know what I mean?

So I used some warm water- which took forever because it is freezing here in New England- washed my face and patted it dry. Then I waited for about 2-4 minutes to let my skin just take that in.

P.S. if you haven’t used this as a mask before you are missing out!

IMG_4947Then I grabbed the package and was so excited to start! As you saw in the title it comes with three steps. The first step is a pore peeling gel. It took me a little bit of creativity to get it all out (I didn’t want to waste any) and spread it all over my dry face. Then I rubbed it in with small circles and it slowly started peeling off. TBH it was kinda gross looking, but it felt really good. I felt like I was slowly drawing out the gunk from inside my pores. I quickly found that I had to lean over my sink because as I kept rubbing it started peeling right off my face. Then I used some warm water to rinse it all off and I patted my skin dry. I waited a couple minutes before moving on.


Stephen masked with me but opted out of trying this mask with me because he loves his new mud mask so much!


close up of the mask as you can see it is siting on there quite nicely

The next step was the sheet mask. I was a little nervous about how this would go considering I haven’t had the best experiences with sheet masks. This one was the best one I have ever done. It actually stayed really well and I didn’t feel like I needed to fix it every 15 seconds. I only readjusted it once, but that was because the serum was sinking into my skin and I needed to smooth it over. It had a nice hold and didn’t sting at all. It was very soothing and I definitely felt like my face was tightening. After 20 minutes I took the mask off and there was still a decent amount of serum on my skin that I then rubbed in. I waited 3-5 minutes before moving on so that the excess serum would absorb into my skin. The only thing I would change about this mask would be  the nose flap. I get a lot of blackheads on the edges of my nose and so it would have been nicer if that was longer.

IMG_4946The final step was the hydrating cream. I throughly enjoyed this because it had a serum like feel but was an amazing moisturizer. I honestly wish they sold this hydrating cream separately because it is an hour later and my face feels just as hydrated as it did when I first put it on!

Overall thoughts: This will be going into my regimen probably every 2 weeks because my pores look like they are less visible, they feel so much cleaner, and my face just feels tighter which I like. This is what I imagine botox feeling like when it is wearing off- and I say that in the best way possible. If you have larger pores and need help before an event or photoshoot I would definitely give this mask a shot! You can find this online at cvs.com from the Beauty 360 Line!

Please note it is NEVER smart to try a new facial right before any event in case it causes redness or a breakout. The goal of any facial is to draw out toxins and all the other gunk in our pores so naturally that can cause a breakout. Again always try a new facial a week or two in advance before an event or photoshoot so you can see how your skin reacts. 

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