Walnut Sponges and Charcoal Clay

I am so excited to share a new facial tool I found from my favorite store brand beauty product line… Beauty 360 at CVS! I was just refilling some prescriptions online and couldn’t pass this by and I also have a new clay mask to show you! (This is the mask Stephen was using in this blog post.)

IMG_5082I started by getting a walnut sponge. The reviews on it were great and I am all about minimizing pores and exfoliating so this was a perfect match! As you can see it is quite large which I was not expecting! The instructions encourage you not to use a exfoliant face wash such as facial scrubs or alpha hydroxy acids as they “may over-exfoliate the skin causing irritation or redness.” I scrubbed very very lightly with an acne cream cleanser and lightly scratched my skin, but Stephen didn’t have any problems (also the scrath didn’t hurt my skin it just made an annoying mark that took like a week to go away.)


IMG_4899Then came the best mask Stephen and I have ever used. For Christmas, I got Stephen a dead sea mud mask that was supposed to, “Help alleviate joint aches and pains by stimulating blood flow and soothing nerves” along with “Formulated with activated charcoal which boasts strong absorption properties; gently removes oil, dirt and toxins; helps combat blackheads and shrink pores; purifies and detoxifies skin. That contains health-enhancing minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium and bromine; rich in natural skin-boosting substances such as Dead Sea mud, aloe vera, shea butter and jojoba oil; contains no pigments, flavoring or polymeric thickeners.”

IMG_4901Needless to say I was excited to try it with him! Stephen gets TMJ pain all the time and I do as well (well let’s be real for me every joint hurts lol.) Anyways we are big fans of charcoal so we were stoked to try it out. First off the packaging is cute and is in a thick glass jar. Once we applied it we waited for it to work. At first we both felt like it stung a bit, but right after we felt that short sting our faces felt AMAZING. The pain relief was incredible and the cleanliness our pores felt was astronomical.

Stephen and I have been reviewing masks together for years and we have never found a mask to alleviate joint pain like this one. I just want to take a bath in it so my joints could feel the relief my jaw and facial bones felt.  We had a great time and use this mask about once a month. Sometimes Stephen uses it 2x a month. I have found that using it in the second half of my recovery from OR is extremely beneficial. I tend to grit my teeth in pain and not notice that I am clenching my jaw. When I am in the second half of my recovery, I am off heavy medication and my jaw is sore from subconsciously clenching it. This mask relieves some of that pain and detoxifies my skin from not getting a proper skin care routine for a week.

If you want to try this amazing mask you can here.

For the walnut sponge you can click here. *also I have used this since and have had no scratches- I just needed to learn what pressure was best for my skin. Stephen also noticed that my face looked and felt smoother for at least a week after!





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