Hydration and Coffee… for your Face

I am so off the walls excited to share my reviews with you about these new products I got to try this month. This was also a facial I could do even with a sore shoulder that I am minimally using right now. #pointsforlowmobilityfacials

Anyways I got a new face wash from Clean & Clear that was supposed to be good for hydration. Right now in New England there is 0 humidity and my face is off and on dry so anything that will help hydrate my skin is a positive. I tried the Morning Burst Hydrating Facial Cleanser. It was oil free which I liked and it felt very good on my face overall. I now use it 3x a week in the mornings!

IMG_4923Now I am not a coffee person but I don’t mind the smell… or the caffeine! My sister Caitie is a huge coffee fan and she was excited to try this with me. She felt it smelled like her favorite mocha cappuccinos from Starbucks. The packaging was so cute, and when we opened it up it was just like coffee grounds! This is an organic scrub that exfoliates and the website states, “The caffeine present in coffee helps improve blood circulation. This improvement allows a temporary reduction in cellulite, while reducing stretch marks, psoriasis, and even acne!”


The scrub was easy to apply, we just dampened our skin and then applied the scrub. It will get everywhere so just embrace it! As we started applying it got easier but in the beginning I felt like there were more coffee grounds in the sink than on my skin! It was a light exfoliant that didn’t irritate or scratch my skin. When you wash off the scrub your face might be a slight bit red/orange but it fades very fast- but do not leave this scrub on to sit for a while or you might have an orange/brown tint to your skin!

Let me tell you that I felt wired after doing this scrub so it is definitely not a nighttime scrub. I love that you can use it on your whole body and not just your face. That is so awesome! I noticed that my tired puffy eyes were much calmer after. I don’t typically drink a lot of caffeine because my body doesn’t respond well to it (unless its in the am and is a cup of green & white tea.) So needless to say the caffeine definitely absorbed into my skin and left me feeling quite alert despite following my bedtime routine.

I will 100% use the scrub again and as Caitie said, “I can’t scrub everyday… but I can open the scrub to smell it everyday!”

Try it out here!

2 thoughts on “Hydration and Coffee… for your Face

  1. Jaclyn Jenkins says:

    Just wanted to pass this on to you. I commented before, but it redirected me to login and i’m not sure my comment posted. so i apologize if my comment gets doubled.

    Be careful with coffee scrubs on your face ! First off, coffee granules are uneven, different sized and shaped (microscopically) and can have microscopic SHARP edges. This can lead to tiny cuts all over the skin of your face. And, since the coffee doesn’t dissolve (unlike a sugar scrub) you end up just scrubbing and scrubbing until you decide to stop. Which leads to a bunch tiny cuts. Coffee scrubs are fine for your body, because it has tougher skin. But stick to sugar scrubs for your face! And only exfoliate one to two times a week. And! COMPLETELY avoid apricot scrubs on your face.

    Just wanted to help out a bit and spread some information.

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