Joy & Gladness will be Found in Her

IMG_6653.jpgThis morning as I was doing my write the word, I came across this verse, and felt blocked. I didn’t see the purpose in writing this verse and how it would help me “cultivate hope.” Honestly, I was quite confused and almost bothered by it at first. I immediately stopped in my tracks and asked God to help me hear Him and give my heart understanding to what I was reading.

The second time I read through the whole chapter I still wasn’t really understanding, so I decided to just start writing it out anyways. As I was picking the verse apart to creatively write it, God overwhelmed me with understanding! It was like I was seeing the verse in a whole new light. Lets pick the passage apart shall we:

Verse 1:

1Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness
and who seek the Lord:
Look to the rock from which you were cut
and to the quarry from which you were hewn


First off we are reminded that we need to listen if we are going to seek the Lord and search for righteousness. I love how in the next part of the verse He reminds us to look back. To look at our past and confront what has happened to us. Reflection is so crucial to a healthy relationship with Christ and yourself; it makes sense that seeking righteousness requires us to look back at where we started too.


Verse 2:

In the next verse it continues on talking about our roots:

look to Abraham, your father,
and to Sarah, who gave you birth.
When I called him he was only one man,
and I blessed him and made him many.


This verse really hit home for me. It was all about how just like we cannot forget where we started, we can’t forget the people who got us to where we are today. In the final part of this verse it made me think about my wedding day. I started as one and God blessed me not just with another, but a whole new family as well!


Verse 3:

The Lord will surely comfort Zion
and will look with compassion on all her ruins;
he will make her deserts like Eden,
her wastelands like the garden of the Lord.
Joy and gladness will be found in her,
thanksgiving and the sound of singing.

IMG_7018This verse was where everything comes together. Here God promises that He WILL comfort us and pour his compassions on all of our:

  • Failures
  • Brokenness
  • Fears
  • Lost Dreams
  • Doubt
  • Insecurity
  • Anxiety & Worries
  • and our very imperfect bodies

Those are our ruins.

See these tulips. Squirrels attacked my mothers bulbs, but despite all the damage they did, these gorgeous flowers bloomed with an glowing radiance. He will dry our eyes of sorrow and bring tears of joy to us. He will make beauty from our ashes. He will pour sunshine in our broken mosaic-like faith. Then on top of ALL that, He will fill us with joy and gladness. The type of joy and glee that others will see in us through our words, actions, and attitudes. We can even turn our broken bodies and harsh realities from devastation to an attitude of gratitude, if we allow Him to fill us with His endless love.

Will people find joy and gladness in you?


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