Top 5 Must Have Items in my Hospital Bag

Hospital stays require a ton of preparation. We always have a bag packed and ready to go. If  you want to see my full packing list click here. Out of all the things I keep in my hospital bag, here are the 5 things I can’t live without!

1. Blanket

IMG_5313Having your own comfy, fluffy blanket when in the hospital makes the stay easier in my opinion. I like having something from home with me as a comfort. The blanket I tagged below is very similar to the one I have and use all the time!

Buy one here!




2. My Skin Care Kit

bluemercury_skincare_header_mobileMy hospital skin care routine not as glamorous as these masks, but here is what I use:

  1. Baby Wipes or Makeup Wipes to cleanse my skin
  2. Moisturizer and Eye Roller
  3. and if I am in the hospital for more than 4 days one night instead of my moisturizer I will use an overnight mask

3. Headphones


These are the headphone covers!

With all the alarms going off and IV machines beeping it is hard to get any rest or sleep in the hospital. I am an apple girl all the way so I love my regular apple headphones but they always fall out of my ears. Back when I was training, I used YurBuds and so I bought the covers and put them on my apple headphones. They work like a charm!


You can buy a set here!


4. 5 Crowns Card Game

71pAJ4mGcCL._SL1000_This is my all time favorite card game and Jared and I play it all the time when we are in the hospital. It is an easy game once you get the hang of it and even if I am drugged I can typically hold my own! You can buy a pack here.


5. Eye Mask

With doctors and nurses always coming in and out, bright monitor lights, and lights being turned on and off- it is helpful to have an eye mask with you. This one here is my favorite because it doesn’t put any pressure on my eyes and has great coverage!

Grab one here!

I pack all of this and more in this bag below. It is my favorite bag of all time!


What are the top 5 things you keep in your hospital bag? Comment below!


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