Signs of being Strong Series Introduction

IMG_0169There are many ways people show strength. With a chronic illness, it is easy for outsiders to see us as strong, but we seldom agree with them. Being strong should mean that you can compete in the olympics or hike up a mountain, not lay in bed all day. There are so many ways we can choose to be strong with the illnesses we fight whether they be big or small. I wanted to write this series to really showcase how sometimes the strongest choices we have to make can seem like signs of weakness- but they are NOT. They are bold and brave decisions.

Signs of being Strong Are:

  • going back to PT
  • taking care of your body when you just don’t feel like it
  • staying in bed
  • eating
  • standing up to brush your teeth
  • going to work anyways
  • celebrating achievements when you don’t feel like celebrating
  • going to endless appointments
  • listening to your body and asking for help
  • loving the imperfect body God gave you

I will be breaking each of these points down in the following posts to come! I can’t wait to go on this journey with you to explore the “weak” parts of our lives and turn them into our strong points.

What other signs of being strong would you add to the list?

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