January Tending List

If you don’t know what a tending list- don’t worry- I’m happy to explain. A tending list is a monthly goal planner from the powersheets (to learn more about powersheets and how I use them click here!) Tending lists are your planners best friend, they were created by Lara Casey from Cultivate What Matters.

Here is what a tending list looks like:

At the top you have space for encouraging words and your top priority. Then you have your monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals.

Now before you get to your tending list you start with your let it go page where you write about what is stressing you out, what fears you have, and what you hope happens in that upcoming month. This month I was worried about going on vacation and being so far away from my hospital and my closet was a disaster which was causing stress. I was worried that I wouldn’t have the “right” words for the Bible study, that I would be too sick to enjoy all the month was going to hold, and that I would break the contentment challenge (I will explain this goal further down.) I was hopeful that the Bible study would go well and that I would enjoy time with our families! Both hopes became reality.

Then you have your prepare well page where you write about whats in your calendar, important to-dos, and thing that you are excited for! This month we had a lot going on between our vacation, appointments, my collection launching, and the Spoonie Study starting!

Next you take all of those things and brain storm everything. If you go back to my goals for the year, they are color coded like this and are the big picture goals. Under each big picture goal, I have the small ways I can accomplish those things little by little- not all at once (remember you have the WHOLE year to accomplish your goals they don’t all have to be accomplished by February.)

Here are my powersheets for the month of January!

As you can see all of the check marks are color coded to each goal. My monthly goals are to:

  • Get the Bible study marketing done along with the IGTV videos and blogs
  • to take down your Christmas tree and all of the decorations
  • send Christmas thank you cards
  • to organize my closet
  • book appointments
  • go out on a date- this is something Jared and I wanted to make a priority because even though we are married it is still nice to go out and enjoy each others company.
  • find someone to drive us into Boston and pick us up from Boston
  • continue doing all of the Bible study prep work
  • and the contentment challenge– the contentment challenge is a 3 month no spend challenge. You can only buy necessities like medications, food, etc. I literally cannot even buy the $3.00 hand lettering app I really want. I am excited though to see how this challenge changes me and my viewpoint on spending.

My weekly goals are to:

  • host one friend a week- I can’t really leave my house so inviting people over and hosting them is a nice opportunity to see friends
  • attend or watch church- we can’t always attend church but we can watch via live stream which is a huge life saver. If you don’t have a church that live streams you can check ours out here
  • love Jared well- I want to spend intentional time with Jared where my phone is down and we are spending quality time together whether its dinner together or binge watching our favorite show, it’s important to carve out time together each week
  • paint my nails or do another form of self care- this goal is extremely important to me, just because my body is high maintenance doesn’t mean I don’t need self care!
  • organize meds- this is a time consuming task but nevertheless needs to be done
  • joint corrections 3x a week- this is vital to my joint’s health and managing the EDS

Then we get to my daily goals:

  • time with God- this is vital to my spiritual health, I do my write the word journal and read the Proverb of the day
  • Rest- I need to rest daily and part of goal setting with a chronic illness is about recognizing small tasks as accomplishments so having to rest daily is a goal
  • update my instagram story- I always wanted to run a vlog but it was too much work so my instagram story is basically my way of vlogging
  • Pray for others- one of my big picture goals is to pray with intention and grow my prayer life. One of the ways I am doing that is by praying for others. I have a written list in my bible where I pray over family, friends, and the future. I started praying for about 5 minutes and am now praying about 20-30 minutes at a time. Little by little progress adds up!
  • Floss- taking better care of my teeth is one of the ways I can take care of myself better so until it becomes a habit this will be in my daily goals.

I hope you have enjoyed an inside look into my powersheets tending list! What are some of your goals this month?

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