February Tending List

Happy February Friends! I cannot believe January is over! There was so much going on in January that when I was planning February, I made a point to mention to my #powersheetsprep buddy Lauren that I felt that “maybe all this margin will leave room for port surgery.” I hopefully said with no idea that on January 31st I would get a call saying I was scheduled for port surgery on the 6th!! So please know that I would have made my weekly and daily goals lighter had I known this when I did my prep work.

My encouragement for this month is Luke 1:45:

Blessed is she who believed that Lord would fulfill His promises to her.

February Monthly Goals:

  • Powersheets Youtube & IGTV videos: I don’t do many youtube videos but I wanted to create a video version of this blog post on the #powersheets prep work!
  • Continue the Contentment Challenge: The contentment challenge is a 3 month challenge where you do not spend money on ANYTHING that is not a necessity. I can only buy medications, food, gas, etc. but nothing extra (not even a $3 app!)
  • Go on a Date: One of the goals Jared and I share is to go on a date once a month. This will help us cultivate our marriage and help us spend intentional time together
  • Bible Study Videos: I have a pre-recorded version of the live stream we do for the Spoonie Study that goes live every Wednesday on my IGTV so I try to get these done in advance
  • Book Appointments
  • Write 1 blog post
  • Do my #powersheetprepwork for March
  • Read “It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way” By Lysa TerKeurst (this goal will be moved to March)
  • Port Surgery!!!
  • and attend the women’s ministry conference

February Weekly Goals: (many of these goals will not happen in weeks 2-4)

  • Host 1 friend
  • Attend or watch church
  • Love Jared well: this means that I have my phone down and my eyes up. Whether we watch a movie together, have dinner together, or even play a card game- I want to make sure that at least once a week we spend intentional time together
  • Self care activity: typically I paint my nails
  • Organize medications: that is a high priority and I don’t want laziness to get the best of me
  • Joint Corrections: we consistently have to relocate my joints and my body does best when we do them three times a week
  • Write 1 card of encouragement: this one is really important to me. I love sending cards and encouraging others so this is one of my FAVORITE activities!

February Daily Goals:

  • Time with God: this consists of my Write the Word journal and the Proverb of the day (there are 31 chapters in Proverbs… one for each day!)
  • Rest: if I don’t make this a goal it will not be a priority
  • Update Instagram Story: I gotta keep you all in the now 😉
  • Pray for Others: this is different than my prayer time in my Write the Word as it is specifically focused on praying for my family, friends, and the future
  • Hand Lettering: I have been wanting to learn how to hand letter for a long time so I am finally picking it up as a hobby!

Those are my February goals! What are some of your goals this month?

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