March Tending List

Can you believe we are already halfway through March?! I cannot. This month I have found it hard to accomplish my daily goals, but I am choosing grace over guilt and choosing to keep moving forward. I decided to share this with you mid month so you can see my flaws and unchecked boxes. Check out my tending list and then we will dive deeper into the unchecked boxes.

Encouraging Words: It’s okay to grow slow

March Monthly Goals:

  • Continue recording the Spoonie Study Videos for IGTV
  • Go on one date and one double date
  • write two blog posts
  • continue the contentment challenge
  • attend 2 women’s conferences
  • Pursue GOFI (Golden Opportunities For Independence)
  • Check in with the Spoonie Study group
  • do my Powersheets prep work for April
  • Send shirts to seamstress (a friend of ours sews and is adding zippers into my shirts to make my port more accessible)

March Weekly Goals:

  • Host 1 friend a week
  • attend or watch church
  • love Jared well
  • send one card of encouragement
  • joint corrections 3x a week
  • organize meds
  • one self care activity

March Daily Goals:

  • Time with God
  • REST
  • Update instagram story
  • pray for others
  • hand lettering practice

I spent some time in reflection about why my daily goals sort of stopped, I think I got in my own head and allowed myself to “shut down.” I started to neglect the things that mattered to me because I stopped putting myself first. It is okay though, and I am choosing grace over guilt because I am human and imperfect. My encouraging words for this month were, “it’s okay to grow slow.” I never planned on learning this lesson first hand, but here I am. If you are struggling this month, you are not alone and you can choose grace over guilt too.

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