April Tending List

Happy Spring Everyone!! I am SO excited about this month. Spring holds a very special meaning in my heart because it is about new life, new opportunities, and new growth.

I am enjoying all of the sunshine, tulips, and warmth. This month I had one goal. To celebrate. I want to celebrate our one year anniversary, recording the Chronically Cultivating podcast (launches May 2019), taking care of my body with the tools we have been blessed with, planting succulents, seeds, and flowers, and of course being back on instagram after a small hiatus.

This past month I had a choice to make to either: celebrate and own my story and truth along with my imperfect progress OR to shy away and focus on what others think. I chose to move forward. I chose to grow. I chose live intentionally where everything I post has a purpose.

If you are reading this right now and are second guessing yourself, I want you to know that you NEVER have to apologize for your body, your healthcare choices, your story, or your truth.

You have been made by the maker of the universe who gave you your own unique story, experiences, and opinions. Your self worth and identify come from and are in Him. My prayer for you is that you find peace, courage, and hope in Him.

Normally I just share the tending list but this month I want to share my main goal- to celebrate. When I chose to celebrate and own my story and my truth along with my imperfect progress, I wanted that to be the focal point of my month.

This month I am working hard to celebrate:

  • Our One Year Anniversary! On 4.28.19 it will be one year since I became Mrs. Nolin! Celebrating this is my top priority this month
  • Chronically Cultivating Podcast Recordings! I want to celebrate and soak up all of the joy, nervous energy, and mistakes that I will come upon while learning how to record my own podcast. Want more details on the podcast? Click here
  • Taking Care of my Body! Yes you read that right, I want to celebrate how hard Jared and I work to take care of this broken body I live in. We want to intentionally remember how faithful God has been to us, and practice gratitude for the tools He has blessed us with to fight the good fight! Remember friends there is NO shame in celebrating little victories even when others do not understand
  • Spring Planting!!!!!!! I am SO excited. Jared blessed me with some partially grown tulip bulbs during my contentment challenge and every day they are growing taller and taller! My contentment challenge ended in March so after I bought 15 baby succulents that I am planting, but giving half away to friends as a welcome spring gift! I even have more planting to do, but I will tell you more about that later
  • last but not least, Being Back on Instagram! I took a brief hiatus where I only posted about once a week and stopped posting the instagram story vlogs that I used to post daily. I needed some time and space away to decide if I wanted to continue sharing my story or if I wanted to discontinue that part of my life. After some deep reflection, I decided that I will continue to share God’s grace and faithfulness that He has blessed me with while I also share what living with a chronic illness looks like for me personally

This is the first time EVER in my long relationship with Powersheets filling out every line, so we will see how it goes!

April Monthly Goals:

  • Plant Succulents + Seeds
  • Record 8 Podcast Episodes
  • Write 2 Blog Posts
  • Meet with my Mentor Cynthia
  • Declutter 3 Spaces (from the spring refresh!)
  • Practice Gratitude: just because I am not doing the contentment challenge does not mean that I do not want to practice gratitude, focus on what I already have, and intentionally and thoughtfully spend
  • Celebrate our One Year Anniversary! Want to learn more about our love story, click here
  • Pack for Vacation + Be Refreshed: Yes… I have to remind myself to be refreshed on this trip. I am not the best at relaxing so a reminder is just what I need
  • Powersheets Prep Work for May
  • Give “Welcome Spring” Succulents to Friends

April Weekly Goals:

  • Host 1 Friend
  • Joint Corrections (3x a Week)
  • Organize Medications
  • Act of Self Care: typically I paint my nails
  • Love Jared well: spend intentional time together without our phones in our faces
  • Attend or Watch Church
  • Send 1 Letter of Encouragement
  • Water Plants

April Daily Goals:

  • Time with God: consists of my Write the Word journal (I am going through Cultivate Renewal right now) and spend daily time (about 15-20 minutes) praying for my family, community, and future.
  • Read Bible: right now I am reading 1 Proverb a day and am also doing a 27 day devotional and study on God’s Promises
  • Podcast or Book: I want to stop aimlessly scrolling on my phone at night so I will either listen to a podcast or read a book (the two books I am reading right now are it’s not supposed to be this way and the obstacle is the way.)
  • Log Vitals
  • Hand Lettering Practice

Well that’s my month! Next month I will show you the different wild card pages that I have used in my powersheets over the past 5 months.

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