These are a few of my favorite things

Today I want to share with you 25 of my favorite things! They are in no particular order and I will leave links to everything so you don’t have to search these items! Please note that I am NOT sponsored by any of these brands or products- I genuinely love them and use them everyday.

  • Write the Word Journals

These are my FAVORITE devotionals- I literally use them everyday. Each journal will get you through 75 days. So far I have gone through Hope, Faith, and Renewal and cannot wait to start another one. My favorite so far was Hope (even though I love renewal as well) but faith is more meant for newer Christians as it takes you through the Bible chronologically, which is great and was still good, it just wasn’t my favorite at this time in my life.C

Check them out here!

  • Simply Modern 24 oz Tumbler

So my favorite gold glitter 24 ounce tumbler died this past January, and I could not find it online again. My bestie and blogger Maura suggested this brand and I was hesitant. I am so glad though that I took her suggestion, my ice stays in there completely frozen for an entire 24 hours, and it is a good size. It also comes with the flip top option and the straw option. I have one in ombre: sweet taffy.

You can check it out here!

  • Pilot Frixion… ANYTHING!

I have 5 types of Friction erasable pens- I seriously COULDN’T live without them. I use them for everything. I have the skinny set, the regular black clicker set, the gel pens, the markers, and the pastel highlighters.

From L to R:

Slim Erasable Pens

Regular Black Clicker Erasable Pens

Gel Erasable Pens

Erasable Markers

Pastel Erasable Highlighters

  • Powersheets

These are your planners best friend. Click here to learn how to use them or head to my blog and check out my monthly tending list! These will change your life.

Check them out here!

This is from April 2019!
  • Fitbit Charge HR 2

I cannot say enough good things about my Fitbit, I actually chose this over an Apple Watch because the sleep analysis is so good. It’s also nice to be able to keep track of my HR. I also got mine waterproofed at waterfi (but I think the Charge 3 is made waterproof)

Check them out here!

  • Bible

My current Bible that I have had since 14 is not on the market anymore, but the Bible I will be using next year is this One Year NLT Journaling Bible, and highly recommend it or an NIV Study Bible (which is what I have now.)

Check it out here!

  • Day Designer Daily Planner

I have had this planner for 4 years and plan on using this one again this year. They are worth the money!

Check it out here!

  • Succulents

You all know I love love LOVE succulents the two places I get them from are from the succulent lady and succulent source. Click on their names to check them out!

  • Tubie Clips!

These help me keep my IV line from getting caught in my wheelchair, dragging, and gives me a bit of safety when I accidentally forget I am connected. I have a zebra stripe clip, a 90s confetti clip, a ribbon clip, and a succulent clip!

Check them out here!

  • Mac Book Pro

I am in love with the newest Mac book pro! I use it for blogging, recording podcasts, and editing photos/videos.

Check it out here!

  • Body Pillow

My life and sleep quality have drastically improved. For long infusions we would take it to the hospital with us, every night I sleep with it and so far it has mostly kept me from dislocating joints at night, every morning before Jared leaves for work he brings me down and brings my pillow down too (which helps my joints stay stable while I’m working on the couch) AND we even travel with it because it has been that helpful.

Check it out here!

  • LTCIL apparel!

There are sweatshirts, tank tops, spirit jerseys and more! All with unique saying related to living the chronic illness life!

Check them out here!

  • Mini Desk Vacuum

This has been a game changer. Anyone who gardens inside- this might just change your life. This is a small (and cute!) battery operated vacuum that makes cleaning up soil easy! It is also good for the dashboard of your car or any table mess.

You can check it out here!

  • Mason Jars

You should have seen this coming…. the Ball Mason Jars are my absolute favorite! I am a big fan of the 16 oz mason jars, but the ones I use for planting, organizing, makeup brushes, and dog treats are a Michael’s exclusive Ball anniversary half pint Jars. In the photo below you can see them used (and painted) with succulents in them and also holding my pens (the 16 oz mason jars are also in this photo)

You can get them here!

  • Decorative Mason Jar

I know ANOTHER mason jar but this one is just for decorating. Each season and holiday I change it to reflect that time or holiday. It can be as simple as the one in the picture below (this was from last spring) or as intricate as you want.

You can get one here!

  • Google Dot

I have to say after having an Alexa echo and a google dot I truly prefer the google dot. I find it does not disconnect from the internet nearly as often as our Alexa and the cord is longer.

Check it out here!

  • Tarte Better Than Sex Mascara

I love false lashes but they are time consuming and can get expensive. This mascara blew me away. I wore for our engagement shoot and it looks like I have fake lashes. Look at the picture below- no fake lashes just this amazing mascara.

Check it out here!

  • Headbands

Now that I have a port I can only wash my hair once a week as we haven’t found a good way to wash it without hurting my neck or getting the port wet (even with hydro-seal!) So I need something to help hide my greasy hair because dry shampoo can only do so much- I would know 90% of my hair by the end of the week is dry shampoo. These headbands so have become my favorite. They don’t slip, they are cute, and they are decently priced.

Check them out here!

  • White Reese’s

I cannot have cocoa but I can enjoy white chocolate and these make me forget how sad it is that I am allergic to chocolate! I have a bag on hand at all times- that is stored in a mason jar of course!

Check them out here!

  • 5 Crowns Card Game

This is my favorite card game of all time. My whole family loves it and we even keep a spare set of cards in our hospital bag. It doesn’t take very long and I would say is friendly for ages 10+

Check it out here!

Well those are all of my favorite things at the moment. Again I am not sponsored by any of these brands I just use these products daily and know that you love using them too!

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