May Tending List

Well last month was crazy! If you remember my April tending list was FULL and I didn’t know how that would go, so to update you all of my monthly goals and weekly goals were met (well 1 week I missed 1 weekly goal.) I was so proud of myself for accomplishing all of that, but my daily goals… suffered. Right now I am not in a place where I can handle that many daily goals at one time- my body needs to be my first priority, but my daily spiritual goals BLOOMED. I could not be more grateful for that.

Now onto May, there are a few exciting things happening this month, I am preparing for the chronically cultivating podcast launch (June 1, 2019!), my online store is now live, our family has 2 birthdays this month, Mother’s Day, AND Cultivate What Matters is launching new products!

I want to point out that if your goals are working for you, you don’t have to change goals every month. Many of my weekly/daily goals in this aspect stay the same and then there are others that I don’t write down anymore because they have become habit. For example: Time with God in January meant do my write the word journal, Time with God in April meant write the word and praying for others, and in May it means write the word, pray for others, and read my Bible. I slowly incorporated praying for others as it’s own separate daily goal and once I was in the habit it got added to time with God and same goes for reading my Bible. Just remember to do what works for you- even if it’s repetitive!

Encouraging Words at the top left: the deep roots never doubt that spring will come

Monthly Goals:

  • Promote Chronically Cultivating Podcast
  • Record 4 podcast episodes
  • Publish 2 blog posts
  • Take a social media free weekend
  • Book interview appointments
  • Check in with Cynthia (my mentor)
  • Go to NewlyWed/ Young Married small group
  • Celebrate birthdays and Mother’s Day
  • Powersheet prep work for June
  • Go on one date and one double date

Weekly Goals:

  • act of self care (paint nails, facemark, etc.)
  • joint corrections 3x a week
  • water plants
  • organize medications
  • attend or watch church
  • host 1 friend a week
  • send one letter of encouragement
  • love Jared well

Daily Goals:

  • Time with God- write the word, pray for others, and read Bible
  • 100 Promises- going through the devotional called “100 days of Bible Promises” by Shanna Noel
  • practice hand lettering
  • quiet time with Jared- we read through the Bible together, go through a chapter from a marriage book, and pray together (it takes about 30 mins each night)

What are your goals this month? Want to try powersheets? Click here!

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