January 2020 Tending List

I know… I’m late on this post, but that is okay! I am embracing slow growth in every way! I did start my tending list on the first but it was only in pencil. (Don’t know what powersheets are? Don’t worry learn more here.) About a week into January, after I finished all my prep work for 2020, I used a black pen and my color coding dots. Nothing big or special just black and white.

I have to say I am in LOVE with the new prepare well page along with the GORGEOUS calendar pages!!! Just like I kept this month’s tending list simple, I am going to keep this month’s goals simple.

Another reason I kept it simple is because last month I had to give myself way more grace than I would’ve liked. I didn’t get to savor the season the way I intended with all of the unexpected health challenges in December. There is nothing that I can do to turn back time so let’s just move into 2020.

If you want to see my 2020 goals and Powersheets Prep Work you can find it here!

Encouraging Words: Slow growth is still growth

Monthly Goals:

Weekly Goals:

  • All the (medical) Things: med cart inventory, organizing pills, self care, etc.
  • Love Jared Well: Spend intentional time together without our phones
  • Attend/Watch Church: Our church broadcast’s both their services online through live streaming (and all of the services are also kept on youtube so you can watch them at anytime), to check out Grace Chapel’s online ministry click here We are so grateful for this ministry as I am not always well enough to physically go to church
  • Blog: I am challenging myself to blog weekly- we will see how it goes!

Daily Goals:

  • Read the Bible: I am excited to be reading the Bible in a two year canonical (front to back) plan!
  • Time with God: Spending time with God for me consists of not only reading the Bible but doing my Write the Word Journal and prayer.
  • Downtime @ 11 pm: This means that after 11 pm I go to bed and am not watching tv, scrolling on social media, or playing games on my phone. The only thing I can do after 11 pm is listen to music, use my Bible app, or read on my kindle. (Pro Tip- if you are like me and struggle to stay accountable to a screen related goal, I suggest going into your settings to the screen time, set your downtime limits, and have your spouse make the passcode. That way you can’t cheat even if you want to!)

Want to get your Powersheets for 2020 while they have a few left? Click here! I am team #blooms!

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