May Tending List

Well April definitely did not go the way I have planned it, and my tending list reflects that.

Don’t know what powersheets are? Check out how I use them here!

I got way ahead of myself and didn’t leave room for error. I have been so good in balancing my hopes and my reality well but last month I failed at that. I didn’t leave room for dislocations, changed plans, and uncertainty like normal. Before I wrote this tending list I ignored the potential of error but I also didn’t expect that we would be taking over Foxy’s hospice care. I am not complaining in any way it was the greatest blessing and honor to have been able to do that; it just changed my priorities. In April there are many unfinished and unchecked boxes, and that’s okay. It’s a new month with fresh page.

When I did all of my prep for May with my girls on April 27th I embraced the less is more philosophy. We knew foxy would pass away sometime that month but she happened to pass away on April 30, 2020. This hit all of us so deeply but I am grateful that I thought ahead and embraced more blank lines. Blank lines meaning I didn’t max out my tending list. And it’s a good thing. Most of my daily and weekly habits I use for to track and pattern rather than have a “goal” to check all the boxes; my weekly one over time have grown where more and more tasks that became habits are grouping into. For instance I used to put: refill med, joint corrections, med cart inventory, taping, etc. as their own things but now that it is a stead habit I sum it up by writing “all the things” in my weekly action items.

My top priority this month is “purpose over productivity.” Sometimes the things that we are called to do and need to do, don’t “look” productive. For example, me cuddling Foxy when she needed me rather than getting work done did not “look” productive” but she needed me and that was my purpose that day. Check marks don’t always equal connection. I want to spend quarantine being purposeful not just productive.

Encouraging Words: those who plan in tears, will harvest with shouts of joy! Psalm 126:5


  • Finish the book I started back in March titled, Rhythms of Rest
  • Attend mentorship meetings
  • Powersheet prep for June
  • Send cards of encouragement
  • continue to practice new font
  • learn ASL alphabet: this has been goal for Maura and I for quite a while and we are going to learn ASL slowly


  • Love Jared Well: spend intentional time together without our phones
  • Platform Check In: I transformed the life giving-home wildcard page into a life-giving platform check-in so that I stay on top of all the things Living the Chronic Illness Life entails such as instagram devotionals, the Spoonie Study, the Chronically Cultivating Podcast, and Blog Posts!
  • Spoonie Study Prep and Live: Prepare for and lead the Spoonie Study!
  • Spend Time in the Sunshine: If it ever stops raining I want to spend at least 3 days in the sunshine each week!
  • Tend to Garden: Watering and tending to my succulents and seeds!
  • Church: Our church broadcast’s both their services online through live streaming (and all of the services are also kept on youtube so you can watch them at anytime), to check out Grace Chapel’s online ministry click here We are so grateful for this ministry as I am not always well enough to physically go to church. We prefer the 11:00 contemporary worship service
  • All the Things: med cart inventory, organizing pills, joint corrections, self care, etc.


  • Water Flowers: Gotta take care of these sprouts!
  • Bible Reading: I am excited to be reading the Bible in a two year canonical (front to back) plan!
  • WTW: I am going through Cultivate Worship currently!
  • Prayer: working to pray persistently and boldly! I am not getting out of bed to start the day without spending time in prayer each morning

What does your May tending list hold?

Don’t have your powersheets yet? 

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