October’s Tending List

Happy Fall! I’m so excited to dive into the last quarter of 2021 with you, and savor these last 90 days of 2021 with our Powersheets! (Don’t know what Powersheets are? Start Here!) Before we move onto October, I want to share a few moments from September and the 2022 Powersheets Launch Day which was October 6th:

#1: Watching and cheering Caitie, my sister, play (on ESPN) for her senior volleyball season at Gardner Webb University!

#2: Celebrating the 5 September Birthday’s in my family 🎉

#3: Getting to review the 2022 Powersheets Collection!

#4: Celebrating y’alls powersheets purchases which you kindly placed through my link so I can continue to create the Grace + Goals Community. So many of you claimed my thank you gift to you for using my link to shop and I got to send you the first Grace + Goals ebook “3 Grace-filled Goal Setting Mindsets to put the Grace back in Goal Setting in 2022! If you shopped on Launch Day and want this ebook please email me here!

My Prepare Well Page

Before we get into my tending list, I want to share my prepare well page with you!

Over the past few months, I’ve been repurposing my prepare well page as I was kind of bored with my regular format so I’ve been putting my sticker book into action! This month I used the boxes for a truth I want to carry for the month, as a content to-do’s check in, and for fine-tuning some rhythms and routines I started trialing two months ago.

Remember there is no wrong way to use your powersheets, but I do encourage you to be YOU on these pages (whether you use all the stickers to repurpose the page, use the page as intended, or go with a simplified blank and white look – YOU DO YOU!)

My Tending List

Now onto October’s Tending List! This month my top priority is to Soak Up the Sunshine we have left here in New England! My encouraging come from the truth I talk about in my Fall Refresh: Do your best and let God do the rest. My tending list is very platform focused as that is the season I feel the Lord asking me to lean into.

Monthly Goals:

  • Date Night: Want to make sure I am taking the time to date my husband because life flies by if we don’t plan a time for it.
  • Complete CC ep 21, 22, and 13: Continue to enjoy Season 2 and the wonderful episodes we have coming out!
  • Host the Grace + Goals Q4 Master Class: That’s right! I am hosting another free master class! The topic is: 3 Grace-filled goal setting mindsets to finish 2021 Strong. You can register, here!
  • October Blog Posts: Excited to continue to share life with you here on this blog!
  • October Content and Captions: I am learning that when I prepare my content in advance I have more time to connect with y’all; so I want to steward my time better to make more room for that.
  • October IGTV’s: There is so much good coming!!
  • October Grace + Goals Emails: I’m so grateful to be in your inboxes and keep you up to date on all the exciting things God is doing in this community (you can join the email list here.)
  • Enjoy the 2022 Launch: The 2022 Powersheets Launch on Wednesday October 6, 2021 and I am so excited for this one! Shop the 2022 Collection here!
  • Prepare for November: As always us PSP Gals get together at the end of the month to close out the current month and make our tending lists for the upcoming month! Easily the best part of my month! I also want to prepare content for November and go over the plans for November with my husband so we can stay on track!
  • Savor JB Concert: On October 1st, Maura and I got to go to the Jonas Brothers Concert at Fenway Park and we savored all of it!

Weekly Goals:

  • Love Jared Well: spend intentional time together without our phones.
  • Weekly Planning Session: I want to be more intentional about checking in with Jared before the week begins to go over our plans/schedules by time blocking and, I go through the “#planitout” square of my prepare well page to stay on top of everything.
  • Cultivate G+G Community:I love getting to know you in real life and delight in having you apart of this community and hope to get to know y’all better!
  • Celebrate with Confetti: One of the acts of worship I actively practice each week is throwing confetti and celebrating His goodness today! So not only do I track my daily victories with my “celebrate every tiny victory” wildcard, but I also throw confetti at least once a week 🎉 We do this on my instagram every Wednesday so we can all celebrate together!
  • Weekend Rhythm:  Saturday and Sunday are busy days for me normally, and I have been working on getting in a good groove since May of this year and I want to continue to follow through on that (more details in my prepare well page)
  • Church: Jared and I want to be better on top of watching church, and so we decided me adding it to my tending list was a great way to keep us accountable. (In our weekly planning session, we also time block where Church is going to be held.)

Daily Goals: I use my daily goals more as a habit tracker than a strict goal and it gives me more freedom in seasons of uncertainty. I am also asking myself to be really vulnerable and honest with myself about my progress with the final reflection question.

  • Stay Faithful: I want to stay faithful to do what God has called me too, and I want to be consistently present here in this community by doing at least 2 hours of work 5 days a week.
  • PS Check In: I need to be better about going in and checking into my goals daily as I think this will help me stay better accountable to my goals
  • Word First:  I want to make sure that before I do ANY work that I have been in His Word because that is the most important way I can use my time; I want to actively remember that there is no work or ministry that comes before Him.
  • Little by Little: Rather than using a monthly wildcard page to highlight how God is moving in my life, I am using the Little by Little Journal (currently sold out) to write down one way that I saw God move that day. I’ve been doing this since the start of 2021 and love it!
  • High or Low: This is a reflective question and although it is not this simple of a question, I will use my discretion to determine if it was a high or low energy day. Along with trying out a new wildcard that will be coming to Grace + Goals this November, I am trying to determine what my new energy normal is by answering this question and following it with: “despite the energy level I had today, how much was able to do?”
  • Did You Do Your Best Today?: This is a reflective question that could be devastating if I don’t use it mindfully. I have been a recovering perfectionist for about three years and this will be a good but challenging reflection. Just like the reflection above is more than a simple yes and no answer but I think it will be a helpful one. (And if it’s not, I will stop it because we ALL have the freedom to stop a goal that is preventing grace, hindering growth, or harboring unnecessary guilt whenever we need to because if our goals are controlling us rather than fueling us we need to re-evaluate that goal.)

My Wildcards

I want to savor the fruit this fall and truly work on identifying where we see the Fruit of the Spirit moving in our lives. So I am proposing that we make a goal to look for the good so that we can see it and savor it! What do you think? 

If you want to join this challenge with me, you can download the Grace + Goals Wildcard of the Month “Savor the Fruit.” Don’t worry about being late to the game – I missed the first 5 day so I wrote grace in the blank spaces and moved on! Don’t wait to start fresh next month today is just as good of a day to start!

As always I use the quarterly Celebrate Every Tiny Victory wildcard. This wildcard changed my life because even when life isn’t going the way I planned or hoped I can see that every day still holds at least one victory no matter how small.

Want to download this wildcard or the Savor the Fruit? Head to the Wildcard Library in the button below!

In case you didn’t know, here on Living the Chronic Illness Life you now have access to the

🎉 Grace + Goals Resource Library 🎉

which helps you tailor your goal setting and powersheets to seasons of uncertainty. You can find all the info here!

The 2022 Powersheets are now available to buy! I am #teamblooms this year and in this 2022 Collection my top three must haves are: the Goal Setting Sticker Book, the Snap In Wildcard Holder, and the Teal Carry all Pouch!

Cassie Nolin is a married spoonie who lives the chronic illness life with EDS + Co. (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and it’s comorbid conditions.) She challenges others to choose grace over guilt while goal setting, and is in ministry part time serving the online community through Grace + Goals and The Spoonie Study. She loves planting, hand lettering, and sharing the hope she has found in Jesus. Her blog, Living the Chronic Illness Life, is in the top 100 chronic illness blogs and in 2019 she launched her podcast, Chronically Cultivating, where Cassie encourages women to live authentic and intentional lives through their diagnosis’ not in spite of them. You can learn more about her at www.livingthechronicillnesslife.com

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