December TL + CYYL After Party Recap!

Before we move into December, I want to share a few moments from the CYYL After Party (which also happened to be the final Grace + Goals Community call of 2021)

#1: I cannot begin to express how nice it is to be getting to know YOU on a personal level! I am so grateful to have you apart of this community!

#2: It was so nice to hear the takeaways from CYYL and the 2022 prep work, but we fixed our focus back on THIS December and all the good we can still do to finish 2021 strong

#3: We started working on the last two pages of our 2021 powersheets – the 2021 yearly review – and we got to sharing so many of the stories behind the answers to our boxes. This was so so GOOD, and again I am so grateful for YOU!

#4: We also shared our favorite books that we read, and I compiled the list for everyone: Atomic Habits by James Clear, Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport, The Secret Garden by Frances Burnett, The Gift of Years, Growing Older Gracefully by Joan Chittister, The Dutch House by Ann Patchett, Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano, The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates, It’s Never Too Late by Kathie Gifford, and Messy Victories by Kolette and Jason Hall

My Prepare Well Page

Before we get into my tending list, I want to share my prepare well page with you! (Don’t know what Powersheets are? Start Here!)

Over the past few months, I’ve been repurposing my prepare well page as I was kind of bored with my regular format so I’ve been putting my sticker book into action! I used all the Christmas stickers and colors! This month I used the boxes for a Christmas bucket list that Jared and I are still adding to, a list of things we need to do to get ready for the holiday season along with hosting, and for fine-tuning some rhythms.

Remember there is no wrong way to use your powersheets, but I do encourage you to be YOU on these pages (whether you use all the stickers to repurpose the page, use the page as intended, or go with a simplified blank and white look – YOU DO YOU!)

My Tending List

Now onto my December Tending List! This month my top priority is to finish 2021 strong!

Encouraging Words: Why > How (find out why here)

Monthly Goals:

  • Be Merry: it’s so easy to get caught up in all the busyness of the season so I want to get ahead of that and do my best to savor the season. I broke this down in my prepare well page.
  • December Content: I am learning that when I prepare my content in advance I have more time to connect with y’all; so I want to steward my time better to make more room for that.
  • CYYL and Host the G+G After Party: we had such a blast! To learn more about the Grace + Goals Community you can find it here.
  • Cheerfully Deck the Halls: I broke this down in my prepare well page. It’s a to-do to help us get ready for the holidays, hosting, and head into 2022.
  • Little by Little: all year I have been tracking one way I see God each day on my phone and I am transferring it all into my little by little journal. I plan to do this in 2022 too!
  • Prepare for the New Year and make my January TL
  • 2022 Powersheets Prep Work: I am so pumped to dive into my the 2022 prep work. Here I share how I get ready to dig in!
  • Host the annual, Powersheet Prep Gals, Powersheets Prep Party for 2022: This is one of the highlights of my YEAR – honestly I get more excited for this than Christmas Day! We have been doing this for two years (2020 and 2021)
  • Finish 2021 Strong Medically

Weekly Goals:

  • Love Jared Well: spend intentional time together without our phones. I will also be using the “I felt loved today by” wildcard to put more gratitude in my heart in our marriage.
  • Time-block our Week: I want to be more intentional about checking in with Jared before the week begins to go over our plans/schedules by time blocking so we stay on top of everything. 
  • Cultivate G+G Community: I love getting to know you in real life and delight in having you apart of this community and hope to get to know y’all better!
  • Celebrate with Confetti: One of the acts of worship I actively practice each week is throwing confetti and celebrating His goodness today! So not only do I track my daily victories with my “celebrate every tiny victory” wildcard, but I also throw confetti at least once a week! We do this on my instagram every Wednesday so we can all celebrate together! 
  • Weekend Rhythm:  Saturday and Sunday are busy days for me normally, and I have been working on getting in a good groove since May of this year and I want to continue to follow through on that (more details in my prepare well page)
  • Church: Jared and I want to be better on top of watching church, and so we decided me adding it to my tending list was a great way to keep us accountable. (In our weekly planning session, we also time block where Church is going to be held.)

Daily Goals: I use my daily goals more as a habit tracker than a strict goal and it gives me more freedom in seasons of uncertainty.

  • Evening Routine: Last month, I used the “Refreshing Rhythms” Wildcard page and tested out some new ideas I had for my evening routine. Now that I’ve figured that out, I am implementing it.
  • Gratitude: I am using the “I felt loved today by..” wildcard to put some extra gratitude into our marriage.
  • Stay Connected: I want to stay faithful to do what God has called me too, and I want to be consistently present here in this community
  • Victory Log: I religiously use the “Quarterly Celebrate Every Tiny Victory” Wildcard to log one victory a day!
  • Adore Him: Advent season is a favorite of mine! I am using the Advent WTW Journal and am tracking it with my “Adore Him” wildcard page! (see below)
  • Prayer: I want to get back into making prayer a priority in my morning routine because the only one who can truly change most situations completely is Jesus and so I need to start my day by fighting the battles in this life “on my knees.”
  • Little by Little: Rather than using a monthly wildcard page to highlight how God is moving in my life, I am using the Little by Little Journal to write down one way that I saw God move that day. I’ve been doing this since the start of 2021 and love it!

My Wildcards

I want to savor this advent season, and I am doing so with the Adore Him wildcard. I am using it to check off my advent devotional and then used the line to write one reflection from the day.

If you want to join this challenge with me, you can download the Grace + Goals Wildcard of the Month “Adore Him” to help you savor this joyful advent season!

As always I use the quarterly Celebrate Every Tiny Victory wildcard. This wildcard changed my life because even when life isn’t going the way I planned or hoped I can see that every day still holds at least one victory no matter how small.

Want to download this wildcard or the See Thee Good? Head to the Wildcard Library in the button below!

In case you didn’t know, here on Living the Chronic Illness Life you now have access to the

🎉 Grace + Goals Resource Library 🎉

which helps you tailor your goal setting and powersheets to seasons of uncertainty. You can find all the info here!

The 2022 Powersheets are now available to buy! I am #teamblooms this year and in this 2022 Collection my top three must haves are: the Goal Setting Sticker Book, the Snap In Wildcard Holder, and the Teal Carry all Pouch!

Cassie Nolin is a married spoonie who lives the chronic illness life with EDS + Co. (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and it’s comorbid conditions.) She challenges others to choose grace over guilt while goal setting, and is in ministry part time serving the online community through Grace + Goals and The Spoonie Study. She loves planting, hand lettering, and sharing the hope she has found in Jesus. Her blog, Living the Chronic Illness Life, is in the top 100 chronic illness blogs and in 2019 she launched her podcast, Chronically Cultivating, where Cassie encourages women to live authentic and intentional lives through their diagnosis’ not in spite of them. You can learn more about her at

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