2023 Powersheets Prep Work Inserts PDF Packet

Building Grace into Your 2023 Goals PDF Packet

Cassie will introduce you to the foundational tools she has developed that have transformed her goal setting from a perfection and hustle core to a grace and intention filled focus. These will give you a taste of what Grace + Goals coaching is all about.

These Powersheets Prep Work inserts will allow you to build grace into your 2023 goals. Here you will find a copy of all of the Grace + Goals inserts for pages 1-26, 48-49. You will especially love this if you are struggling with the changes to the 2023 Prep Work as these will take all of the best coaching from the past 6 years of Powersheets Prep Work all while implementing and building grace and progress into each of your goals foundations. There are notes on each print out to show you where to place these inserts, you can also go to my blog or YouTube if you want to see exactly how I placed them into my prep work (you will also see how I pre-decorated my pages if you want to do that too!)

As a reminder, these are the solely the 2023 PSP inserts, but they do not come with the intentional teachings to help guide you through each and every page. This packet does not cover the goal action planning pages (pages 27-47) and does not include the exclusive G+G Goal Action Planning Wildcard pages either. Those teachings and Action Plan Wildcard pages are only available for those participating in the Powersheets Prep Work Walkthrough: 1 on 1 Coaching or the Goal Action Planning Coaching Session. 

What is included:

G+G Recommended Page Order Itinerary: This intentional approach will provide you with the ability to efficiently and seamlessly pair this Packet: Building Grace into your 2023 Goals with your 2023 Powersheets Goal Planner

– Grace + Goals Prep Work Guided Wildcards and Inserts: This packet gives you access to the inserts and wildcards for pages 1-16 and 48-49, and therefore do not include the Goal Action Planning Wildcards. Those wildcards are exclusive to only those who are doing the 2023 Powersheets Prep Work Walkthrough or the Goal Action Planning Session. All downloads will be sized for your Powersheets so all you have to do is print them, follow the lines when you cut them, and there are notes next to each insert so know where to paste each one.

What do you need to use this packet:

The Yearly 2023 Powersheets Goal Planner or the 2023 90 Day Powersheets Goal Planner although these were designed with the yearly layout in mind.

How much is the Building Grace into Your 2023 Goals PDF packet?

This downloadable packet is $15.00.

2023 Powersheets Prep Work Coaching Options

Goal Action Planning Session

1 on 1 Powersheets Prep Work Walkthrough

Cassie Nolin
Grace + Goals Creator

I’m a six year Powersheets user and I am a recovering perfectionist. I have a progressive chronic illness and I live my daily life in medical uncertainty and brokenness. I am an enneagram three who has had to relearn how to set goals with grace! Through imperfect progress defined by good intentions and unchecked boxes, I’ve learned how to set goals in uncertainty, and I love goal setting again! I’ve had to flip the script on goal setting and I am delighted to take 6 years of rebuilding and trial and error I’ve experienced to help you cultivate what matters in every area of your life!