Grace + Goals Community Calls Registration

Every quarter, Cassie hosts a free community coaching call so we can all meet one another “face to face” to celebrate our progress and stay encouraged in uncertain seasons! These calls are interactive to cultivate community. These calls are about 45-60 minutes depending on how many people join the call, but the calls will not exceed 60 minutes.

Register for the next call which is Tuesday December 20, 2022 at 7:00 pm EST // 6:0 CST// 4:00 PST over zoom (registration caps at 50 people)

If you clicked the button above that says “I’m Ready! Let’s Goal!” You have registered and all set! Please note if you are not already, you will be added to the Grace + Goals Newsletter, which at most you will only receive 1 email a week. Then for this Community Call you can expect to receive an email two days before and one the morning of the call, and one email the day after the call to follow up on our time together.

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Are you looking to join a community that meets once a month face to face to stay accountable to their goals and check into their Powersheets?

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