Chapter 1: Cultivate What Matters

After you have read pages 21-43 of Cultivate by: Lara Casey, continue onto the discussion questions. You can answer these now or during the livestream. 

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Q Have you ever felt like if you can’t do something perfect that it’s not worth doing?

Q Have you ever intentionally or unintentionally felt like you had to “keep it together” with your illness to be less of a burden to others. What is one example of that?

Q Which out of all of these is the area in which you want to cultivate? Pg 22

Q What would your life look like if you grew these things, and how would cultivating this one area make me and those around me feel?

Q What is one way that you can be grateful for the times God digs up our soil?

Q How can you live out the life you portray on instagram?

Q Chronic illnesses are so unpredictable and we typically do not get a big picture plan. We tackle situations as they come, little by little. What is one thing that you want to leave in God’s hands but because you want a plan you keep fighting to leave your problem with him?

Q What have you been wanting to do or start, but have been afraid of trying?

Q. Have you ever felt as if you were so focused on not messing up that you missed the joy of being fully present at that moment? If so, describe the situation.

Q what has happened when you believed you could do more than you could do?

Q When you next have to say no to something, how can you positively reframe it?

Q What in your life needs to flourish? What things could you say no to? What concerns you about saying no?

Q We are going to make a list. In the last question we focused on what we are saying no to, but now I want us to focus on what we are saying YES to.

Q Think about your life and honestly evaluate how you are spending your time, energy, and focus. Are there areas of your life or activities that you know you need to let God heal, change, or strengthen to become fruitful? CULTIVATE IT Below is a list of areas in which we usually invest our time and hearts. Feel free to tailor the categories to fit your life. Give each category a rating between 1 and 10. A rating of 1 means this area is not fruitful at all and you wish for this area to change dramatically. A rating of 10 means you are seeing God’s fruit in this area of your life.




___Spiritual Life

___ Health



___Relationship with a significant other

Circle the area above that needs the most changing. Now write out some of the activities you do in each of these areas of your life and if they are helping you cultivate what matters. What specifically in each of these areas is fruitless? Pg 34-35

Q Looking over all you have identified so far, what is one weed that you know you need to pull? You may have a lot of weeds on your list, but gardening teaches us an essential life skill: doing one thing at a time. I cannot multitask in the garden. Each task requires both hands and my full attention—especially weeding. Starting with just one weed will give you courage and momentum to get rid of many more. Weeds are bound to pop up, but cultivators learn over time how to deal with them swiftly and effectively. Choose one distraction you will pull, one activity you will say no to, or something that needs to end, starting now. Pg 36