Chapter 2: Embrace Your Season

After you have read pages 44-60 of Cultivate by: Lara Casey, continue onto the discussion questions. You can answer these now or during the livestream. 

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Q What season are you in right now? There are no wrong answers. Write down a few thoughts about what you’re experiencing, learning, or feeling in your unique season.

Q. Write down mental identity imperfections and deep imperfections. I want to stay away from superficial physical imperfections because a lot of our perceived physical imperfections come from our illness. Now for every imperfection you write, you need to write something that you have gained from this struggle.

Q What seasons have you gone through in your life, and what has each season taught you? Write out a few of the most pivotal seasons you’ve experienced. Look over your list and ask yourself, What have these seasons taught me? How have these experiences changed and refined me?

Q What feelings have you been fighting in your current season? Perhaps you’ve been fighting feelings of rejection, brokenness, loneliness, inadequacy, or fear in embracing conflict, tension, or change.

Q Fill in the blanks with what you know or what you want to know: I feel [Your Notes], but I know/want to know [Your Notes].

Q In what ways can you embrace an intentional life right in the midst of your current season?

Q can you think of a recent mess that has grown something good?