Chapter 3: Dream Like a Gardener

After you have read pages 61-78 of Cultivate by: Lara Casey, continue onto the discussion questions. You can answer these now or during the livestream. 

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Q When has there been a time in your life where God has helped you cultivate something good out of emptiness? Fill in the blank for yourself: It was just _________________, but it was my decision to move one step forward in faith, trusting that something good would grow out of this season of grief.

Q What emotions do you experience when you allow yourself to dream about the future? Are you anxious? Eager? Reluctant? Excited? Why do you think you feel that way about moving forward into the future? Write out your thoughts.

Q What would happen to your self esteem and your heart if you started dreaming like a gardner?

Q What would happen to your self esteem and your heart if you started dreaming like a gardner?

Q Which of the above descriptions strikes you the most? Circle the description of a gardener’s way of dreaming that you most want to incorporate into your own life right now.

Q What, if any, influence have the opinions of others had on your dreams and decisions? If you sense that your current dreams are shaped more by what other people think than by what God wants for your life, take some time to pray and ask God to reveal to you what His unique dreams for you are.

Q What is one way you can cultivate your life while in a hospital bed?

Q As Lara talks about building a cultivated life what was something that stands out to you?

Q CULTIVATE IT What can you do with the little bit of earth you’ve been given? Write your answers to the questions below

  • What can I do with this little bit of earth I’ve been given?
  • How does God want me to use my unique challenges and experiences that have shaped me to grow something good?
  • Where and how can I sow love and grow good fruit?
  • How can I cultivate what I’ve been given—choosing, nourishing, and paying attention to what matters?

Now reread pages 71-73 then answer the following questions:

Q What would a cultivated life look like and feel like for your? Be specific with what you write. The more details you add, the more helpful this will be!

Q Read Psalm 37:3–5. What insights do you gain from this passage about setting good goals?