Chapter 5: Plant Your Seeds

After you have read pages 99-114 of Cultivate by: Lara Casey, continue onto the discussion questions. You can answer these now or during the livestream. 

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Q What is God asking you to step into in order to move forward? Just one step could change the course of your life- and the lives of others- forever.

Q What are you growing in your spiritual garden? What can you do to help your seeds grow without forcing things to grow out of God’s timing?

Q Read Psalm 104:14. What do you learn from this verse about God’s role in the process of cultivating? What is our role?

Q In which areas of your life are you struggling to let go of control? Fill in the blanks, She believed she couldn’t __________, but God _____________.

Q What has His grace done for you?

Q In which areas of your life, or circumstances, do you need farmer’s faith?

Q Why do you crave certainty of solid and predictable plan?