Coloring Pages by Bethany (RebelliousStory)

Bethany is a disability activist and writer. She lives with EDS and mast cell disease, which is part of what inspires her to help others. Besides writing, she is also an avid artist who creates drawings and coloring pages that can be downloaded here. Her passion is helping others feel empowered, especially if they are dealing with disabilities. She is currently married and a proud pet parent. Her husband and adorable animals inspire her every day and help her create content. If you’d like to know more about Bethany’s story, her Instagram (@Rebellious_Story) is the best place to start.

If you’d like to support Bethany’s artwork, please consider donating to her PayPal account. Any amount that you feel moved to give would be greatly appreciated, as these drawings take a lot of time and effort to create. Her PayPal email is:

Bethany also does drawings for commissions. If you’d like her to draw you something, feel to reach out through either her Instagram or the email listed above. She can upload any images she creates to RedBubble as well so that you can have the option of getting her work printed on various items like shirts, mugs, cards, etc.

A little example of the way you can color these adorable pages and bring them to life!

Downloadable Coloring Pages

Ghost Hamster

A cute, little hamster covered in a white sheet, ready to go trick or treat! The words “trick or treat!” are written beside the hamster.

Cutesy Mouse

A bashful little mouse friend, with hands covering her cheeks and a cute bow wrapped around her trail.

Witchy Hamster

A hamster in a witchy hat, holding their little broom as they brew by a cauldron. The words “Happy Halloween!” are floating about the cauldron, surrounded by bubbles.

Spooky Noodle Bunny

Just a spooky noodle (snake) wanting to join in on the Halloween fun by dressing up like a little bunny. They are wearing rabbit ears with a little cotton ball placed on their tail. They are wrapped around a carrot.

Ghost Bunny

An adorable bunny covered in a sheet, with holes cut out for its ears, nose, eyes, and cottony tail. It has a pile of carrots it won while trick or treating beside it.

A Little Hamster Friend

A friendly little hamster, cheerfully smiling as it holds a sunflower seed.

Santa Spooky Noodle

The cutest little spooky noodle (snake) shaking the bell just like the Santas we see at Walmarts during this lovely time of year. It is wearing a Santa hat, scarf, and shaking a bell in its tail.

Naughty Mouse

Somebody hasn’t been good for Christmas. A little mouse sits in front of a glass of milk and a pile of cookies, with a sign that says “Santa’s Cookies!” above them. The mouse is holding a crumb from the cookies.

Bunny Gift

A happy little bunny friend pokes its head out of an open Christmas present box. It is tucked under the tree, on top of the skirt, with ornaments and Christmas lights hanging above it.

Super Raccoon

This little raccoon may look like a thief but he chooses to use his mask for good instead. His little cape and happy expression are a reminder that everyone can be a hero.

Kiss The Cute

Exactly the face you want to see under the mistletoe – a cute little bunny all tangled in glowing lights. How can you not kiss that cute face?

Happy Reindeer

A cute little reindeer friend, wearing a collar with a couple of bells attached and surrounded by snowflakes.

Happy Giraffe

A happy little giraffe, enjoying its time on a nice, cloudy day, in a field of grass.

With You

Two snowman wearing hats and scarves, one is smaller than the other and they appear to be holding hands.

Tangled Cuteness

A reindeer, sitting with it’s head tilted. Christmas lights are tangled in its antlers, leading down to a tangle of nights right beside the deer.

Not Amused

A grumpy cat sits, unamused by the Christmas sweater he is wearing and the Christmas bow on top of his head.

Comfy Penguin

You know it’s cold outside when even this little penguin is bundled up in his warm sweater and puffy hat.

Cozy Corgi

A cozy little corgi, all happily bundled in his scarf and ear muffs that can’t quite cover those adorable corgi ears.

Bundled Bunny

It’s official. Adding a scarf and some ear warmers to any animal instantly increases its cuteness level. This happily bundled bunny is living proof of that.

Good Morning

There’s nothing quite like a baby penguin just hatched in the morning. Already getting cozy with a scarf and ear muffs.

One More Chapter

A happy bunny, sitting upon a pile of books, wearing the world’s cutest pair of glasses… or is it just the world’s cutest bunny? The choice is up to you.

Family Love

A family of penguins cuddled together to avoid the cold.

Wintery Poodle

Someone requested a santa claus poodle. I hope this will suffice.

Four Eyes For Carrots

A cute, little bunny friend staring up at you to say hello.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

A bunny prepared for the winter chill with his adorable scarf, Christmas sweater, hat, and a warm cup of coco.

All Bundled Up

A cute little girl all ready for the winter snowstorm, with her jacket, scarf, earmuffs, and happy smile.