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You’ve made such a great decision, and I am throwing confetti for you 🎉 By joining the G+G: Accountability Collective, you are joining a community of Powersheets users who want to put the grace back in goal setting just like you!

  • Here is what you can expect after filling out the enrollment form:
    1. Fill out the enrollment form below
    2. Get a confirmation message stating “you are all set!” on this page when you click “I’m ready to goal!” to confirm your enrollment submission was received.
    3. Then you can be on the lookout for an email from Cassie within 48 hours of submission (on business days.) If you are not waitlisted, you will get an RSVP notification and billing request so you can accept your spot! You will have 5 days to secure your spot after receiving your RSVP, before the next person on the waitlist gets the opportunity to accept that spot. If you are waitlisted, you will be notified of that as well. (You will only be waitlisted if the Collective has 10 members in both groups already, it is first come first serve for collective member slots.)
    4. Once your payment has been received, you will receive an acceptance email with all the dates and details you will need!

Are you ever discouraged that you keep starting your goals off strong, but your progress seems to dwindle over time?

You bought Powersheets because you want to make what matters most to you happen, imagine all you could achieve if you knew how to customize them best to fit your needs and your goals from the start?

You would be able to spend your time learning how to best achieve your goals rather than also having to learn how to best use your Powersheets on your own.

When you enroll in a cultivated life you get this Accountability Collective free!

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A Cultivated Life – Returning Client

(A returning client is someone who, within the past 2 months, has attended: The 1 on 1 Powersheets Prep Work Walkthrough, A Goal Action Planning Session, or was enrolled in A Cultivated Life last quarter.)

$350.00 per Quarter


$125.00 per Month

(with 3mo contract)


A Cultivated Life – New Client

$375.00 Per Quarter

(The first session is longer than a returning client’s first session because it includes an Introductory Session so that we can go over your goals and goal action plans. If you want to create those goal action plans you can always add that on when you are registering.)


$130.00 per Month

(with 3mo contract)


If you have any more questions, please refer to the FAQ below the registration form. If your question is not answered in this FAQ please email me, Cassie, before signing up at: livingthechronicillnesslife@gmail.com

Dates for this quarter:

Monday Group:

  • there is no Monday group for this first quarter of 2023.

Wednesday Group:

  • 1/11/23 at 6:30 pm EST 
  • 2/8/23 at 6:30 pm EST 
  • 3/15/23 at 6:30 pm EST

Join the Accountability Collective!

A Cultivated Life MidQuarter Bundle includes: two Tending List sessions [55 minute sessions], Refresh + Reset Bundle: Interactive Group Coaching Seminar [2.5 hour virtual conference] and the Goal Action Planning Refresh Session [a 75 minute session], and complimentary access to the Grace + Goals Accountability Collective!

Accountability Collective FAQ

How is this different from the free master classes and coaching calls offered?

The free master classes are done webinar style and are not the easiest place to create community. The free coaching classes offered each quarter are community style calls – just like these accountability calls – but the quarterly calls topically take us back into our Powersheets prep work and apply it to our goals that quarter. Whereas these community calls are all about connection and accountability in our current Tending List.

I have Goal School Premium through CWM, can I do both or are they the same?

You can do both if you want to because the two compliment one another without competing. Here are the differences about the monthly calls:

In Goal School Premium, you do monthly calls at the end of the month for a Powersheets Prep Party webinar-style to create your tending list for the month ahead.

The G+G Accountability Collective calls happen in the middle of each month and are video chat style. We all get a chance to talk, share our faces and voices, and hold one another accountable. Along with that, we will have a group chat on instagram to stay in touch throughout the month. You can and should absolutely do both as Goal school Premium is a great community with an amazing team and knowledge, and Grace + Goals is focused on more “real life” community for women who want to put the grace back in their goal setting.

Do I have to be a Powersheets user to join?

Yes, this group is only for active Powersheets users.

Can I join in part way through a quarter?

Short answer, yes! It all depends on whether or not there is still room in the collective for that quarter. If there is room, you can pay the monthly fee for the months you are in the collective. Once a new quarter starts, you will have the option to switch to the quarterly payment method if you would prefer that.

Do I have to be apart of the Collective Group Chat on Instagram?

No, you do not have to do anything. If a group chat is not your thing you can opt out or you can mute the chat so you don’t get notifications all the time, but can jump in when you want. You will receive reminders for calls in this chat, but you will also receive all of those in email form so you don’t have to worry about important reminders getting lost in the chat.

What happens if I can’t make the collective call one month?

There will be an audio replay (like a podcast) available to anyone who missed the call and it will be accessible for the following week.

How do you bill for this?

To make this easy once you have been accepted (this is a first come, first to sign up basis) you will receive a Venmo account to send your payment to or we can do things via PayPal if that is your preferred method. Once we have received that, you will have access to the group chat and receive an acceptance email!

What happens at the end of the quarter for those who want to continue the following quarter of the Accountability Collective?

After the last call of the quarter, you will have one week to decide if you want to keep your membership for the next quarter or not. You will get an email right after the call with the details, and the day before the week is over if you have not confirmed what you would like to do for the next quarter you will receive one last email reminder.

If you renew your membership to the Accountability Collective (whether you do monthly or quarterly billing,) nothing will change. If you decide this is not the right season for you and you do not renew, you will be removed from the group chat on the first of the new month and will have to reapply if you want to return (and I hope you will!)

Monthly Billing Details:

If you choose monthly payments, you will receive a Venmo request (or PayPal request if that was your preferred method) and email on the 20th of every month to send in your payment. You will get a reminder email if we have not received payment on the 27th. Then if your payment is not made to our Venmo account by the 28th of the month and you have still not contacted Cassie, you will be removed from the group chat on the first of the new month and will have to reapply if you want to return (and we hope you will!)

What can I expect after I enroll?

  1. Fill out the enrollment form
  2. Get a confirmation email stating your enrollment submission was received.
  3. You can be on the lookout for an email from Cassie on whether or not you are good to go straight to billing for acceptance or if you will be going on the waitlist. (You will only be waitlisted if both groups in the Collective has 8 members already, it is first come first serve for collective member slots.)
  4. If you are not waitlisted, once accepted you will get all of the billing information so you can get that taken care of.
  5. Once your payment has been received, you will get access to the exclusive group chat on IG along with an acceptance email with all the dates and details you will need!

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