One on One Goal Action Planning with Cassie Nolin

Goal Action Planning Session

Cassie will introduce you to the foundational tools she has developed that have transformed her goal setting from a perfection and hustle core to a grace and intention filled focus. In this session, first, we will briefly go over all that you have uncovered in your Powersheets Prep work, and then dive deep into creating attainable action plans. She will empower you to ditch umbrella goals so that you can make what matters most your priority – no matter how uncertain the season of life you are in is.

Once we have created gracious, intentional action plans and broken them down into achievable action items, we will focus on composing an attainable timeline to achieve these goals throughout all of 2023. You will be able to confidently step into this new year with a solid action plan. Plans that aren’t solely dependent on how you will achieve your goals but why, and by doing this, you will be set up to succeed in building long term, sustainable growth rather than short term (and ultimately unsustainable) success.We have a whole year to make progress on these goals – we don’t need to accomplish everything in quarter one!

Have you ever worked through your Powersheets Prep Work, and then you get to the Goal Action Pages and wish someone could coach you through it?

When making your Goal Action Plans, do you struggle with…

  • wanting to overhaul a whole area of your life and then finds it challenging to narrow your umbrella goals down to specific goals?
  • feeling like in this season of your life, the questions they ask in these pages don’t fit your goals or your mindset as a seasoned PS user?
  • confidently using the blank page because you either don’t know which Goal Action Wildcard would serve that specific goal best or you desire some new Goal Action Planning wildcards?

Having me, Cassie, walk you through your Powersheets Prep Work will enable you to:

  • ditch umbrella goals and dive deep into what matters to you – which is the whole point!
  • uncover what is holding you back from reaching the goals that you’ve been carrying over year after year with good intentions, but seemingly stunted progress!
  • lean into your current season of life and intentionally space out all you hope to achieve in the year ahead without burning yourself out!
  • streamline your goal action plans and break your goals down into achievable action items with attainable timelines.
  • not just go through the Powersheets Prep Work, but be able to take what you have uncovered and live it out beyond these foundational pages!
  • download brand new G+G Goal Action Planning Wildcard pages that are exclusive to ONLY those who are doing a Goal Planning Session or are doing the 1 on 1 Powersheets Prep Work Walkthrough. (These wildcards will not be apart of the PDF download as they are exclusive to those who do one of the two 1 on 1 coaching options.)

You and I will briefly go over all that you uncovered in your 2023 Prep Work, and then we will dive deep into creating your Goal Action Plans for the year ahead. Before our scheduled call, you will receive a pre-session checklist to make sure you and I can make the most of our time together. You will also receive the downloadable wildcards that you will be able to tape into your prep-work as we work together. These will allow us to truly immerse ourselves in uncovering your “why” and what really matters to you. (You will especially love this if you are struggling with the changes to the 2023 Prep Work as these will take all of the best coaching from the past 6 years of Powersheets Prep Work all while implementing and building grace and progress into each of your goals foundations.) The majority of our time together will be spent working on creating all of your goal action plans.

If you have ever felt intimidated by the blank pages for your Goal Action Plan, you and I will choose intention together through inviting and well tailored question prompts; along with introspective, exclusive wildcards to personalize and utilize that space best for you and your goals!

What is included:

– A Pre-Prep Work Session Checklist: This will allow you to prepare for our call so that we can make the most of our time together

– Grace + Goals Prep Work Guided Wildcards and Inserts: These wildcards are exclusive to only those who are doing this G+G Prep Work Walkthrough. These will be sized for your Powersheets so all you have to do is print them and follow the lines when you cut them – see them here!

– Grace + Goals Exclusive Goal Action Plan Wildcards

– One 2 hours Session over Zoom

Who is this for?

The seasoned Powersheets User who wants to take their goal setting to the next level and dig deeper, and desires to uncover what is holding them back from reaching the goals they have been carrying over year after year.

– The gal who determined that they didn’t want to do the full PSP Walkthrough due to years of experience with Powersheets or wanted to start/do their Prep Work at a Powersheets Prep Parties with friends, but still desire coaching for their Goal Action Plans.

– The goal-getter who knows the power of intentional goal setting, but struggles to space out their goal progress over the year and/or follow through on their goals and tracking their progress after the first couple weeks or months in the new year

– The second time Powersheets user who who knows that they want to live an intentional life, but didn’t see the results they hoped in using Powersheets last set, but want to give it one more try.

– The woman who, maybe because of life’s uncertainty and brokenness, is hesitant to set goals because it’s feels too risky to hope for something to go the way they plan. Yet with their illness, they want to learn how to set goals that are actually attainable for their season so they can live an intentional life with their uncertainty rather than in spite of it.

– The first time Powersheets user who knows that they want to live an intentional life, but feels overwhelmed by the Powersheets Prep Work.

– The recovering perfectionist who who longs to build sustainable grace into their goals and live out of imperfect progress rather than goal guilt.

What do you need:

The Yearly 2023 Powersheets Goal Planner or the 2023 90 Day Powersheets Goal Planner. I would also recommend purchasing Cultivate’s Break It Down Notepad, but it is not required!

How much is the Goal Action Planning Session?

For the 2 hour Goal Action Planning Session is $115.00. If you have been apart of the 2022 G+G Accountability Collective, I am giving you $15.00 off as a thank you for joining me this year!

If you would like to pay in two payments rather than all at once it will be $60 as a deposit once you have a spot, and the second payment of $63 made one week before our first scheduled session.

2023 Powersheets Prep Work Coaching Options

1 on 1 Powersheets Prep Work Walkthrough

2023 PS Prep Work Inserts PDF Packet

Cassie Nolin
Grace + Goals Creator

I’m a six year Powersheets user and I am a recovering perfectionist. I have a progressive chronic illness and I live my daily life in medical uncertainty and brokenness. I am an enneagram three who has had to relearn how to set goals with grace! Through imperfect progress defined by good intentions and unchecked boxes, I’ve learned how to set goals in uncertainty, and I love goal setting again! I’ve had to flip the script on goal setting and I am delighted to take 6 years of rebuilding and trial and error I’ve experienced to help you cultivate what matters in every area of your life!