Let’s Get Goal-ing!

Alright my friend, so we have established a couple things so far:

We want to ditch the overwhelming part of goal setting and work on things little by little.

We know that we cannot overhaul our whole life at once and want to work on setting achievable goals that not only fit our life but also work with our limitations.

We desire to live intentionally with the time and energy we have right here in the middle of uncertainty and brokenness.

(If you missed the introduction to grace + goals, you can find it here)

So let’s get started!

The first thing you need to do is get your Powersheets Goal Planner from Cultivate What Matters! (For a Powersheets FAQ, you can find it here!)

Pick out your 2023 Powersheets!

When we find ourselves in seasons of uncertainty, with or without a chronic illness, we have to change the way we set goals. In your Powersheets, you start with the prep work, then move to the goal action pages, and then you get into your monthly tending lists.

Here are some blog posts, videos, and coaching services to help you get started:

My 2023 Powersheets Prep Work Walkthrough and Goals

Adapting Your Powersheets to your Chronic Illness

How to Best Prepare for the Powersheets Prep Work

Once you have completed the Prep Pages and Goal Action Pages, you are ready to start putting your goals into action through the monthly tending lists, wildcard pages, and 90 day refreshes!

Grace + Goals Resources

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