Making Your Powersheets Your Own!

One of my favorite parts of the Powersheets Goal Planner is that they leave lots of room for you to use them creatively. You can do this through the wildcard pages, weekly and daily planning add ons, your calendar spread, and of course your tending list! Here I am going to show you some of the ways I have made “my powersheets my own” throughout the years along with the tools I use (scroll to the bottom for the links to my favorite supplies.)

Tending Lists:

I used to do my tending lists in black and white for fear that adding color would make it less professional- I was SO wrong! Now I do black and white when I want to rather than being trapped by that. Don’t be afraid to go for the colors, stickers, and glitter!

Wild Card Pages:

There are a host of free CWM wildcard pages that you can print on the Cultivate What Matters Site, and I have used them here and there. My favorites are my daily rhythms wildcard, content planner (discontinued), the blank floral lined wildcard, and the books read this year wildcard.

As I got deeper into my powersheets, I started making my own wildcards. Above you see photos of my habit tracker, med tracker, savor the day, savor the fruit, and the most important one- the quarterly celebrating every tiny victory! You can find my custom wildcard printables for free here!

Daily + Weekly Planning Add Ons

Your powersheets are meant to be your planner’s best friend, rather than a replacement (see Powersheets FAQ for more details.) But for those who don’t need a whole planner yet need some extra pages, they have some great planning notebooks. I still use my day designer planner (not as religiously as I used to since I stopped working) to help me create daily to do lists, but when I don’t need a lengthy daily list I use the CWM Daily Notepad. I am the biggest fan of their weekly notepad and it has been so helpful in our household. This helps me not lockdown tasks to specific days, but see what I need to get done in the week. Finally, if you just need to break down a goal on your tending list in detail the Break It Down Notepad will serve you well.

The Calendar Spread:

Here are just two of the many ways I have enjoyed using the newly added calendar spread in the 2020 powersheets. For more calendar ideas from me and the PowerSheets Prep Gals check out this blog post!


photo from the 2019 Powersheet Prep Party!

Here are my favorite supplies that I use to decorate my powersheets:

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