Making Your Powersheets Your Own!

One of my favorite parts of the Powersheets Goal Planner is that they leave lots of room for you to use them creatively. You can do this through the wildcard pages, weekly and daily planning add ons, your calendar spread, and of course your tending list! Here I am going to show you some of the ways I have made “my powersheets my own” throughout the years along with the tools I use (scroll to the bottom for the links to my favorite supplies.)

To help you find what you need here is the outline of this page in order: Wildcard Pages, Ways to Use Your Calendar Spread, Maximizing Prepare Well Page, Color Coding, and My Favorite Tools!

1. Wildcard Pages

Wildcard Pages are the easiest way to make your powersheets your own. Here through Grace + Goals, there is a whole library of free printable wildcards to get you started. Cultivate What Matters also has a library of free downloadable wildcards along with pre-printed and cut wildcards for purchase. There are multiple spots in each month to place wildcard pages so that you can personalize your powersheets and maximize your tending list! Below are some examples of Grace + Goals Wildcards!

My current top three wildcards are: Quarterly Celebrate Every Tiny Victory, Plant Tracker, + Savor the Fruit!

2. Calendar Spread

I have used my calendar spread in many different ways over the past two years. I have used it as a regular calendar with a fun sticker code and as a tracker. I have tracked: how I spend time in the Word, my mood, focus days, gratitude, and as a task tracker. There is no wrong way to use your calendar!

For more calendar ideas from me and the PowerSheets Prep Gals check out this blog post!

3. Prepare Well Page

I have been using powersheets for four years now, and over these past four sets I have played around with making them my own. I want to make sure that my powersheets are serving me best, so in May I made some major modifications to my Prepare Well page. I decided to use it as a space to lay out the rhythms I hoped to implement. I made my Saturday Rhythm list and a space to brainstorm some low-energy activities I can do when watching tv. Then continued to do so ever since! I have also used the “On My Mind” and/or the “I’m Hopeful That” boxes for prayers.

Every sticker seen are stickers from the 2021 Sticker Book and the letters are from the letters and numbers sticker pack in the Cultivate Shop!

4. Color Coding:

Okay so it’s time for an unpopular opinion – I stopped using a different colored flag for each individual goal. I have a different colored flag for each area of my life because it helps me stay rooted to my “why” for each goal. For a long time I struggled to understand the value of knowing my “why” along with the struggle of being consistently motivated to work on my goals. So by being able to know and be reminded of my why quickly via color coding has been a game changer.

5. My Favorite Tools:

I love lettering and expressing myself through in my powersheets! Remember – there is no wrong way to do your powersheets!! I have had seasons where I’ve done everything in pencil to using black ink only to using lots of color (glitter gel pens have been a favorite of mine as of late!) Whether you like to use all the stickers or simply the color-coding dots, there’s no wrong way to make a tending list.

photo from the 2019 Powersheet Prep Party!

Here are my favorite supplies that I use to decorate my powersheets:

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