RSD/CRPS 4 a Cure

RSD/CRPS 4 a Cure was founded in 2011- 1 year after I was diagnosed. I started raising money for this little known disease. I started public speaking to churches and schools about how they could get involved and fund research along with sharing my personal story after going through intense rehab at the PPRC. IMG_8907

We sell bands for $5 with 70% of the proceeds going towards research and the other 30% cover the cost of the bands.

We were the first RSD page on Instagram and coined the hashtag #rsdcrps4acure that is used for many posts all over the world. We have a larger following on Facebook though.




Right now we are starting up the #iamnotinvisible campaign! This campaign is not just for RSD but we are reaching out and sharing stories of all invisible illnesses. For more information on RSD/CRPS click here.


To contact the RSD/CRPS 4 a Cure team please email: