Living the Chronic Illness Life can come with many challenges… and many devices/braces. We wanted to change that. Why do these medical items have to steal our style? Well the quick answer is that they DON’T!

When I say we, I am talking about Joanne and I. Joanne is my younger sister-in-love and has an incredible gift for sewing. She started sewing in 2018 at 10 years old and has shown her gift. One day while she was over the house, I was telling her about how sick I was of wearing the same few printed masks all the time. I also expressed that I wish I could pick out the fabric to match my clothes.

That day, my friends, is when the magic happened.

Joanne said that she thought she could make the masks. We reached out to the person who initially made them for me and she graciously shared her technique. Within 3 days, she had made a prototype. We were both amazed and new we were on the right track. The following month we went to the fabric store and the adventure began.

Now one month later I have GORGEOUS masks that make my necessity an accessory.

So here we are today talking to you, you can click here or in the shop tab under “Masks” to shop her stunning mask collection, and support her mission to make your necessity an accessory!

You can also find my clothing line full of empowering mantras to help you live the chronic illness life best by clicking here or in the shop tab under Apparel.