Intro Week: Welcome to the Thick of It

After you have read pages 1-18 continue onto the discussion questions. You can answer these now or during the livestream.

Discussion Questions that will be discussed on Monday’s live stream will be available here on 1/20/19

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Welcome to the Thick of It Discussion Questions

Q When you have a chronic illness you understand that there are no quick fixes, but yet we still in different ways create our own surface solutions. What surface solutions have you created?

Q What surface solutions have people given you to “cure” your chronic illness?

Q What guilt and shame from living the chronic illness life do you need to lay a Jesus’ feet that are taking up precious space in your heart?

Q GRACE OVER GUILT: How can you choose God’s grace over these areas of restlessness?

Q Outside of your chronic illness what is your identity made up of? By answering this question we can begin to start living our fullest life.

Q What little steps can I take daily to cultivate what matters in my life? Go back to your identity page and think of a few actions you can take to cultivating the things that matter to you most!

Q What unexpected new paths has God brought you to because of your illness?

Q Think of one situation where you grew in the wait and take a moment to thank God for that growth that you wouldn’t have had without that tough time

Q What definition of cultivate stood out to you the most?

Q What opposite definition of cultivate stood out to you the most?

Q What areas of life feel neglected?

Q What have you been choosing to nurture instead and why?

Q Which lies stand out to you the most?