Welcome to Living the Chronic Illness Life! I wanted a place where you could: see God’s non-circumstantial joy and reckless love despite disease progression, learn how I set goals with a chronic illness; follow my love story and marriage with Jared as we work to learn how to love each other through these chronic illnesses; find all of my mason jar DIY’s and watch my windowsill garden grow; showcase how we planned and executed our wedding despite the challenges we faced; watch the continual battles my body is facing and hopefully inspire you to overcome the challenges you face daily.

For those of you who don’t know me here are some quick facts:

  • I am a recklessly loved daughter of Jesus Christ who loves morning devotionals and biblical garden metaphors
  • I am the host of the Chronically Cultivating podcast
  • I am a joy-filled wife to Jared 04.29.18
  • I am a Spoonie that battles hEDS (Stage III), Dysautonomia, RSD/CRPS, & hypoglycemia along with a few other things we are ruling out as well
  • I lead The Spoonie Study– an online Bible study for women with chronic illnesses
  • I am a grace over guilt goal setter
  • I was a dog mom to Foxy from 2013-2020
  • I have enough braces to make about 4 people
  • I almost died and went through severe memory loss at 18
  • I got the opportunity to fall in love with the man of my dreams twice (don’t tell me you forgot I had amnesia already!)
  • I couldn’t live without my #powersheets from Cultivate What Matters
  • I was a pre-professional dancer and used to coach pre-professional dancers
  • I am writing my first book
  • I will choose tea over coffee every time
  • Despite my nutritional knowledge, I still love kraft mac and cheese
  • I love all jars but especially mason jars
  • …and succulents, I love those too!

There are many ups and downs to life, but God has a purpose. So grab a cup of tea and enjoy watching the journey that I call my life.

xoxoCassie M. Nolin-2.png

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Welcome to Living the Chronic Illness Life!