Grace + Goals FAQ

General Questions

Q: Is Grace + Goals only for gals with chronic illnesses?

No, G+G is for everyone! Now G+G was created by Cassie who has a progressive + degenerative chronic illness which means that anything G+G produces is designed with the hope that those with illnesses of their own will find all these resources to be “illness-friendly.” Ultimately with that in mind, the mission of G+G’s is to encourage all women to live intentional lives no matter how uncertain the season of life they’re in. Whether your uncertainty comes in a form of a chronic illness or not – you are welcome here! Check out the mission of G+G here!

Q: Do I have to have powersheets to be apart of the Grace + Goals Community?

No you don’t, but all of the content is created to go with your Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner.

Q: My wildcards aren’t printing at the right size, how can I fix that?

Step 1: Click the download button on the wildcard you have chosen

Step 2: Click Print so it opens the print preview

Step 3: Rather than clicking print right away make sure to unclick the “scale to fit” option and click on “scale”

Step 4: Once you have checked “scale” make sure it says “100%” and not anything above 100

Step 5: Then you are good to go and press print!

Q: When do you host Master Classes?

Cassie hosts a free master class each quarter! Make sure you are on the email list and for any further details head here to the G+G Classes and Coaching page!

Yes! Cassie does offer goal planning and intentional living coaching over zoom. You can find all the details here.

Q: Do I have to pay to be apart of Grace + Goals?

Nope! This community is open to everyone, living with a chronic illness is expensive and we all have our struggles – and we don’t want G+G to be one of them. There will be optional paid courses and one on one coaching, but all of the wildcards, live master classes, quarterly community coaching calls, and other resources will be of no cost to you. There is no “buy in” to get started with G+G and there will never be.

Q: Do you offer one on one goal coaching for the Powersheets Goal Planner?

If you have any further questions please contact Cassie here!

Grace + Goals Current Coaching Opportunities

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