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Welcome to the Grace + Goals Community – we’re so excited you’re here! So you’ve joined the Grace + Goals Community, what should I expect? You can expect live master classes, group coaching calls, one on one coaching, courses, and opportunities to earn FREE guides! Scroll on down for information on each of these components. (Don’t know what Grace + Goals is all about? Start here!)

Online Community Coaching Calls

We also offer a free quarterly community coaching call so we can all meet one another to celebrate our progress and stay encouraged in uncertain seasons! Each call has a theme that we discuss as a group and we end every call by sharing one victory we are celebrating from that quarter. These calls are about 30-40 minutes depending on how many people join the call, but the calls will not exceed 45 minutes.

Cultivate Your Year Live After party! We will be chatting about the good things from CYYL, but mostly fixing our eyes back to our December Tending List so we can finish 2021 strong!

When is the next group community call?

Monday December 6, 2021 at 3:30 pm EST (or as soon as CYYL ends)

(all the FAQ’s for this free after party can be found by clicking the register here button above!)

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Live Master Classes

Every quarter we host a free live master class! These are always free because everyone should have access to learning how to set goals with grace and intention no matter how uncertain their season of life is! Topics have included: Grace-Filled Goal Setting Mindsets, Making Powersheets Your Own, How To Use Your Powersheets In Seasons Of Uncertainty, and more! At this time, we are not able to offer replays, but hope to be able to in the future. Each live class is 45 minutes with a 10 minute Q+A to close!

When is the next live master class?

February 2022

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Opportunities to earn Free Guides

I truly appreciate when you purchase your powersheets through my link as it helps me offer these resources here to you. As a thank you, if you make a purchase through any of my links to the Cultivate What Matters shop here on my website (like this link right here) I would love to send you a free guide! Over time I hope to add more than just this one guide, but for now I am excited to share:

Grace-Filled Goal Setting Mindsets to put the Grace back in Goal Setting in 2022!

To redeem this free guide, once you have made your purchase through my link contact me here via email at with your order # and order total! Upon confirmation of order, you will receive your guide within 24 hours on a Monday-Friday (if you send an email past 4 pm on Friday, you can expect your guide that following Monday.) Please note that you can only redeem one free guide a quarter.

One on One Coaching

I love being able to work one on one with y’all and am excited to offer one on one consulting on intentional living and goal follow through. I would be delighted to

  • challenge you to know the why behind your goals so you can live out what matters to you
  • guide you through your Powersheets Prep Work, 90 day refresh, tending lists or setting up your powersheets
  • show you how to find freedom in letting go of schedules that fail you for routines and rhythms that fuel and free you
  • listen to the challenges you are facing and support you in figuring out what will work best for you
  • encourage you to cultivate a heart of celebration and put the grace back in goal setting.
  • refresh your goal setting when you feel you need to add back more grace into your goal setting or worry that powersheets aren’t for you. (I almost gave up mine too but I am so glad I learned how to use Powersheets while living in uncertainty because now I get the honor of helping you figure out how to make them work for you no matter what uncertainty you are facing.)
  • focus your goals around your heart and what God has called you to do, and give you space to dream again no matter the diagnosis or the challenge
  • come alongside you to cheer you on and support you to live intentionally and realistically so you and your goals can thrive

Session by Session

$25 for a 30 minute consult


$35 for a 45 minute consult

Quarterly Cultivating

After your first session, you have the option to join this quarterly cultivating, which is a commitment to at least one coaching call a month for the following three months.

For the quarter, which is one 45 minute coaching session a month for three months, it is $90 instead of $105.

If you want to add a call or two during the month it is only $20 for a 30 minute call or $30 for a $45 minute call


This is something new that is coming to the Grace + Goals Platform in January 2021! We will be launching a paid course – more details to come on November 10, 2021! If you are already on the email list, you will be notified about this but if you aren’t on the email list you can join here.

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