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Cassie Nolin, Grace + Goals Creator

Welcome to the Grace + Goals Community, I’m so excited you’re here!

So you’ve joined the Grace + Goals Community, what should you expect?

You can expect free quarterly live master classes and group coaching calls along with access to the entire Grace + Goals Resource Library which holds a tending list + refresh gallery, downloadable wildcards, courses, and Powersheets encouragement!

You also have opportunity to join the G+G Accountability Collective and explore One on One Goal Coaching with me, Cassie.

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Below you will see all of the services we offer, and the Grace + Goals Calendar.

If you are just looking for the calendar, scroll to the end of the page. There you will see our quarterly calendar which holds all the dates for every class, call, and collective call!


Every quarter, Cassie hosts a free community coaching call so we can all meet one another “face to face” to celebrate our progress and stay encouraged in uncertain seasons! These calls are interactive to cultivate community.

Each call has a theme that we discuss as a group and we end every call by sharing one victory we are celebrating from that quarter. These calls are about 45-60 minutes depending on how many people join the call, but the calls will not exceed 60 minutes.


Every quarter we host a free live master class! These are always free because everyone should have access to learning how to set goals with grace and intention no matter how uncertain their season of life is!

These are done webinar style. Past Topics have included: Grace-Filled Goal Setting Mindsets, Making Powersheets Your Own, How To Use Your Powersheets In Seasons Of Uncertainty, and more! Each live class is 45 minutes with a 10-15 minute Q+A to close!

G+G Accountability Collective

The Grace + Goals: Accountability Collective is an accountability group that meets once a month on zoom for a group coaching call and mid-month check in. This collective was created as a way for the Grace + Goals community to thrive and dive deeper through real life connection. This is not a webinar, this is an interactive face to face call! Everyone gets a chance to participate and share their screens, along with their voices, in effort to cultivate true community through this accountability collective with their Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner

One on One Coaching

I love being able to work one on one with y’all and am excited to offer one on one consulting on intentional living, chronic illness goal setting, and goal follow through. I would be delighted to:

  • guide you through your Powersheets Prep Work, 90 day refresh, tending lists or setting up your powersheets
  • listen to the challenges you are facing and support you in figuring out what will work best for you when goal setting
  • refresh your goal setting when you feel you need to add back more grace into your goal setting or worry that powersheets aren’t for you. (I almost gave up mine too but I am so glad I learned how to use Powersheets while living in uncertainty because now I get the honor of helping you figure out how to make them work for you no matter what uncertainty you are facing.)

Cassie, Chronically Cultivating

Grace + Goals Calendar 2022

Quarter 2


4/11/22 Enrollment for Q2 of the Accountability Collective opens for waitlisted members and for current members to re-enroll (join the AC wait list here)

4/13/22 Final Accountability Collective Call of Q1

4/14/22 Enrollment for Q2 of the Accountability Collective Opens for all

4/20/22 G+G Q2 Community Coaching Call


5/18/22 Accountability Collective Call (Q2)


6/15/22 Accountability Collective Call (Q2)

Quarter 3


7/11/22 Enrollment for Q3 of the Accountability Collective Opens for waitlisted members and for current members to re-enroll (join the AC wait list here)

7/13/22 Final Accountability Collective Call of Q2

7/14/22 Enrollment for Q3 of the Accountability Collective Opens for all

7/28/22 G+G Q3 Community Coaching Call!

Grace + Goals Resource Library

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