Community Guidelines

Here at Living the Chronic Illness Life, we aim to foster community no matter an individual’s: diagnosis/chronic illness, gender, race, social status, or religion.

We want everyone to feel validated, respected, and safe here in the Living the Chronic Illness life Blog + Instagram Community and in the Chronically Cultivating podcast community. Anytime we post anything or talk about anything we open ourselves up to judgement, but that does not excuse hateful accusations or harassment.

There is NO room for judgement here.

Our mission is to encourage those facing chronic illnesses, along with their loved ones, to live intentionally while harnessing the joy of the Lord as their strength. (For a more in depth look at our mission click here)

In an effort to authentically connect with you, preserve this space God has provided for us, and make sure everyone can be respectfully heard and welcomed- there are some community guidelines that must be followed.

As we welcome you to this community, we want to make our guidelines clear. To that end, we will be working hard to ensure that we align our actions with that purpose. These Community Guidelines should not only help you understand how to act within the community but also help you understand what to expect from others in this space.  

Here on the Living the Chronic Illness life Blog + Instagram Community and in the Chronically Cultivating podcast community, we do not tolerate:

Hate Speech + Harassment

  • Hate speech of any kind against a member of this community or our team will not be tolerated, and you will be blessed with a block.
  • Any form of harassment, bullying, or defamatory remarks against others will result in an immediate block no questions asked.

Personal Attacks and Unsolicited Medical Advice

  • There is a difference between discussing life experiences (including the similarities and differences) and invalidating, accusing, intentionally misconstruing, and attacking others. This doesn’t mean that we cannot disagree or be in different stages of life and work through them together, but it does mean that we will do it respectfully and without throwing “shade” and accusations at one another.
  • If we here at LTCIL, or another member, are looking for feedback/opinions on how we are utilizing this space, we will ask. We have trusted people in our circle of mentorship, church, and community to hold us accountable to the mission that we feel God has called us too.
  • Along with that, there is a difference between sharing experiences and giving unsolicited medical advice. It’s not always helpful  despite good intentions and can be extremely invalidating and offensive. For Example: To share an experience is: to share something that has helped you in your medical journey. Unsolicited medical advice is: claiming that something that has been an aid or even cure for you is a cure for everyone. 

Assumptive Accusations + Unethical Invasions of Privacy/ Doxing

  • We do not entertain assumptions or drama here. We try to be as authentic and real as possible, but most of the time you are seeing the reflections that have come from private times of processing offline. We choose to process in real time offline with those around us, and share as God directs our hearts. If you prefer to process publicly in your online space that’s totally okay and we respect that. We just ask that as we respect how you run your platforms, that you respect ours.
  • Our diagnoses can be the same, but our stories, treatments, and medical decisions might look and be different. That’s okay and welcomed here! God created us each to be unique individuals even in the realm of chronic illness. We aim to share what God reveals to us on this very imperfect journey.
  • You are allowed to choose how much you share, and have the right to not answer every question. You don’t owe anyone ANYTHING. For instance, what we choose to post on here is not a full medical record and never will be. That is not what we want to use this space for. We want to share the snapshots of the realities, grace, joy, and grief that living the chronic illness life holds for us, and have a space where every member is comfortable sharing their journey – if they choose to. Anyone who is found doxing any member of this space will be reported and blocked.

We aim to love and share Jesus with everyone who enters this space, but

we are intentional to love people well and protect this space.

If you or another member finds someone ignoring these guidelines please report it to us so we can take proper action.