Grace + Goals Community Calls!

Every quarter, Cassie hosts a free community coaching call so we can all meet one another “face to face” to celebrate our progress and stay encouraged in uncertain seasons! These calls are interactive to cultivate community. (New to the Grace + Goals Community? Start here!)

Each 2022 Group Coaching Call topic is going to be focused on taking us back to our Powersheets Prep Work and applying these pages to the goals we are currently working on today!

Each call has a theme that we discuss as a group and we end every call by sharing one victory we are celebrating from that quarter. These calls are about 45-60 minutes depending on how many people join the call, but the calls will not exceed 60 minutes. These calls do not have replays available like the Master Classes and Accountability Collective Calls do.

This will be our final call of 2022! The past 2 years, I have hosted a “Cultivate Your Year Live” after party where we complete our Year In Review (the last 2 pages of your Powersheets) together and celebrate the past year – even though we don’t have CYYL we will still celebrate the past year and all the good you have grown. I hope you will join us!

When is the next group community call?

December 20, 2022 at 7:00 pm EST // 6:00 pm CST// 4:00 pm PST // 12:00 am GMT

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