Living the Chronic Illness Life Apparel

Creating this collection and being able to use my personal hand lettering was such a joy! I hope that these designs encourage you as you live the chronic illness life.

Here I am going to show the apparel and my personal review of the product itself. I am not selling any piece that I have not worn, washed, and reviewed myself, and will be giving you an accurate description of how each piece fits me personally. The links to order will be below each product and graphic (if you are looking for just the graphics scroll below the products.)


For all of these products, I’ve had no fading or shrinking with washing cold and drying on delicate (that’s just how we do all of our laundry- we didn’t do anything special for any of these pieces.)

Women’s Crewneck Sweatshirt

Personal Review: The entire reason I moved to this platform is because of these pullovers! This is my favorite crewneck; I love how soft + cozy they are without being too hot

Fit: I am 5’2” ~135 lb female and fit nicely in a Medium but if you want a looser fit I would recommend sizing up

Ankle Socks: “Sock PepTalks”

Personal Review: these are good quality socks and are very cute and soft. All of the designs for the socks can be read by you to help you stay encouraged!

Fit: they were very comfortable and soft.

Unisex Tri-Blend Hoodie

Personal Review: This is the most comfortable, buttery fabric. I was worried it would be too big but fit surprisingly well, if you want a looser fit I recommend sizing up.

Fit: I am 5’2” ~135 lb female and fit comfortably in a small but if you want a looser fit I would recommend sizing up.

Women’s Flowy Tee

Women’s Wide-neck Sweatshirt

Personal Review: The cut of this top is very flattering and made of a lightweight soft fabric. 

Fit: I am 5’2” ~135 lb female and wear a S that fits perfectly, but I might try a medium next time just to see if I like the looser feel

Women’s Crewneck Sweatshirt

Personal Review: the fabric is comfortable, but I was disappointed with the sizing as it is not inclusive. The neckline is flattering and I appreciate having a different style neckline on a pullover, but it wasn’t as great as I had hoped.

Fit: I am a 5’2” ~135 lb female and wear a L that fits comfortably snug. This pullover runs extremely small


Currently there are 5 designs in the shop!

But Her God Is Strong

EDS causes weak connective tissue/collagen, but we know that our God is bigger than our circumstances and stronger than our challenges.

You Can Move Mountains

“I can move mountains from a hospital bed” came out of a time where I was stuck the hospital often and felt purposeless. After reading Matthew 17:20 NIV, God reminded me that my purpose isn’t dependent on my location but my heart

This Is How I Worship

Everything we do can be used as an act of worship to honor Him; this shirt is a good reminder of that. You can worship in the biggest of ways + in the smallest of actions when we use it for His glory.

My Joints Go Out…

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is known for causing joint laxity and frequent joint dislocations. This saying is a comical saying around the EDS community because for most of us because it is true!

I Can Do Hard Things

Every hard thing we do for Him is an act of worship; when things get hard (working out, surgery, parenting, existing etc.) I offer it to Him by saying, “I can do hard things for You Lord, even this.”