Words of Encouragement in Trying Times

Over the past few years I have sent out over 2,100 emails with quotes of encouragement to those who need them. Here are some quotes from the past few years that I am using to get through and stay hopeful in quarantine. I hope and pray that these will help you also.

Here are five reminders of the hope we have in Jesus at this time:

1. Our God will Comfort Us through this

We have a Friend who’ll never leave, 

Who’s closer than a brother;

He’s there to meet our deepest needs, 

To comfort like no other.

2. We don’t need to carry it all

O what peace we often forfeit,  

O what needless pain we bear,

All because we do not carry  

Everything to God in prayer.

3. He will be with us each step of the way

When long and steep the path appears 

Or heavy is the task,

Our Father says, “Press on, My child;  

One step is all I ask.”

4. When we ask to be filled with His Spirit He will little by little

Father, thank You for the Spirit,

Fill us with His love and power;    

Change us into Christ’s own image 

Day by day and hour by hour.

5. The most important thing that we can do right now is share His love, love others well (while stating 6 ft apart) and pray for our world and hearts.

God’s people have so much to do

In serving Christ today,

That they should use their precious time 

To share, to love, to pray.


Steve Mayo Sr. has been sending inspirational messages to church family and friends for years as a way to encourage others in times of need. He started a ministry that He runs called “Bread of Life Ministry” since about 2004. He picks up breads and bakery products to deliver them to food pantries, churches, and numerous shelters in his hometown and to a number of local towns. Cassie is Steve’s oldest grandchild.

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